1. The guy walked in, and he has a whole bunch of tin cans tied to a string tied to the cuff of his pants. Quite the racket. Rather obtrusive, if you were in a place normally noted for quiet.

  2. Oh, and thanks for identifying the cans. With all of those highlighting marks, I originally thought they were lamps.

  3. First I looked at the librarian’s desk and the bottom of the wall, and I asked myself “Is the word Library starting near the floor and climbing the wall, or is the entire library on a ramp?”

  4. Yes, disconcerting angles.

    The problem with trying to directly use Arthur’s URL is not with how to add the “.gif” , it’s that it is not a direct link actually but is still a lookup — notice the “content.php ? file = ” part. Those are the downfall for WP being abled to process.

  5. Also I viewed the page source — used to be you could find in there a valid direct path to the Asset, but this one still had it formulated as a lookup.

  6. Does anyone else remember a time when basic, rudimentary art skills were a prerequisite for being a professional cartoonist? The angles in this could make you woozy, and I had no idea those were “cans” until pointed out here.

  7. Dr. Shrinker, unfortunately at some point some people mistook the brilliant minimalism of Charles Schulz, Mel Lazarus and others for a lack of artistic talent and concluded that basic, rudimentary art skills were no longer necessary.

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