1. Simple wordplay. The underlying assumption is that Liberty is tired of being stuck on a barren island with tourists underfoot, she’d like to trade for something with more action.

  2. Is Liberty Island (if that’s what It’s called) actually considered part of the City of New York? If so, which Borough is it part of? Has that changed recently, or a change been proposed?

  3. Liberty Island is considered part of New York, even though it’s within the physical confines of New Jersey. The island is in New York. All of the water around it is New Jersey.

  4. Thanks, Ignatzz! I think I already assumed it belongs to New York (state), but my question about NYC Boroughs was from the guess that there might be something recently newsworthy behind this comic. (Like, could there be a Borough-less part of NYC? No? So let’s assign Liberty to Manhattan.)

    BTW, I see nobody has given the spelling note. Richard Rodgers spelled his surname with a -d-.

    If anyone didn’t recognize the lyric I posted earlier, here’s a version by Uncle Lenny’s pal Jenny.

  5. She’s spent a decade with her back to Manhattan? So now that she sees what’s been back there the whole time, she can’t wait to check it out?

    (Never having been there, I’m assuming that she faces people coming into NYC from the sea.
    )(I do know that the island she’s standing on used to be Bedloe’s Island, but it got renamed… probably because nobody knew “Bedloe’s Island” and didn’t care about “Bedloe’s Island”… they wanted to got see the statue of Liberty. So since all the tourists were asking about “Liberty Island” anyway, we might as well ALL call it that.)

  6. According to Wikipedia, Liberty Island is part of Manhattan (the borough, not the island). So it is in the city, county, and state of New York even though it’s surrounded by New Jersey territory. One of the few (or the only) state exclaves in the U.S.

  7. I think it’s the cartoonist who can’t spell and the editor is asleep at the wheel and the joke is simply that she’s an icon representing New York and Manhattan is, for most people, synonymous with New York.

    But thank you *SO* much for the Ella Fitzgerald clip.

  8. I’ve been looking more closely at that Wikipedia list I posted, and it seems that most of them are not true exclaves, in that they are not totally surrounded by “foreign” territory — yes, you can’t get there by land, but the territories are not disconnected from the State, you can get there never leaving the State, you just have to go over water to do so. So Powers, it seems you are right that Liberty Island and Ellis Island may be possible the only true exclaves in the US at the state level.

  9. OK, last time:
    A better list has Liberty and Ellis Islands as the only enclaves which are also exclaves; the Kentucky Bend is the only other exclave, but it is not an enclave.

  10. I concur with Andrea that it was corrected. My local newspaper carries MG&G and it is spelled properly with an A. They print the night before for early morning delivery so that would have been Thursday night. The MG&G website still shows the typo. Wonder who caught it?

  11. Interesting, I did not catch the website while this was the daily comic. Go back one day and it is incorrect.

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