Chanukah Cards: Last Call (for real this time: they’re almost gone)

You’ve seen their work in The Atlantic and Barrons, and on and other web sites. And now they’re creating… the 2018 Bickel Family Chanukah card.

As always, any member of the CIDU Community is welcome to a card. It doesn’t matter which if any holiday you celebrate this month. Or if you’re a frequent contributor, a lurker, an artist, or even a @#$% Squirrel.

Just send your mailing address to BICKELCHANUKAH@GMX.COM (and only there). All addresses will be deleted as soon as cards are mailed out.

(Please note that the other 47 spellings of “Chanukah” will not work)

Please note these are physical cards, designed as such, so I’ll need your mailing address; BUT… if anybody specifically needs a digital version — you have no room for cards, or maybe you’re afraid of your mail carrier — I can get the files. Please use the same e-mail address for these requests.


  1. i’d love to see it, but I hesitate to kill a tree for it, you know? So a digital version would be much appreciated. Chakolate47 AT gmail DOT com

  2. I’m sure the print run has already been ordered, so one more (or one less) address will not have any effect on the number of trees that are “killed”.

  3. We do order the same number of cards every year — but saying “one more (or one less) address will not have any effect on the number of trees that are ‘killed’” would be like saying you being a vegetarian would not have any effect on the number of animals being killed.

  4. @Kilby, You got me. Generally, when I say ‘I don’t want to kill a tree’, I mean that when I’m done with whatever it is, I don’t know what to do with it. I hate to throw away something beautiful and meaningful, but keeping everything is what leads to my clutter problem. So I pretend to be PC and talk about trees.

  5. It’s not so much the trees, as they are a renewable resource, but the nasty chemicals used to bleach the pulp. Recycling doesn’t help, because the recycled stuff needs to be bleached all over again.

  6. Looking forward to receiving it! I don’t save a lot of cards, just very special ones. The Bickel Chanukah cards are in the special category.

  7. @Mona. I got one last year too. I used the DNA to clone several small Bills We just had their birday party. With a little extra gene splicing, this year I should end up with several Billmas to join them.

  8. @ Singapore Bill – If you are going to clone small Bills, you might be better off starting with green paper rectangles, rather than creating extra moderators. The one we have works just fine.

  9. The delivery time was almost as impressive as the card: postmarked Nov. 29th, and delivered (six time zones and an ocean away) on Dec. 4th. I think the spelling is new this year, but either way, I was a little amused that with the double K, it used 9 letters.
    P.S. @ Bill – If you invest in self-adhesive envelopes to save your tongue, it might also be worthwhile to get a rubber stamp (or sticky labels) for the return address. 😉

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