1. See also any Hallmark/Lifetime/whatever Christmas movie whose heroine (never the hero) works in an advertising agency and gets assigned to the Christmas campaign in the first week of December.

  2. You’re assuming she hasn’t been trying to get Jeremy into the photographer’s studio since June, and he doesn’t keep coming up with excuses for why he doesn’t want to go.
    Theoretically, the real problem is getting CHAD into the photos.

    But, no, Wal-Mart will happily print your Christmas cards whenever you want them, well into December (or January, for that kind of Christians).

  3. “gets assigned to the Christmas campaign in the first week of December.”

    They continue to tweak and adjust Christmas campaigns pretty much right up until Christmas. If you pay attention, you’ll notice some advertising that is pretty much the same, and the ads are always identical. You’ll also notice that some advertising, usually for local rather than national campaigns, have subtle differences in the ads. In the olden days, they’d tell you exactly when the stores would be open. Nowadays, they tell you when it will be too late to get shipping. This is going to morph again, soon, as stores are now pushing “order online, pick up in store” systems.

    I don’t watch the Hallmark movies, largely because I object to the implied message… if you don’t have a relationship on Christmas, your life is worthless. No, I’m not bitter and lonely. Not even at Christmas.

  4. If this comic had been published before Thanksgiving there would have been gripes that the Christmas jokes are starting too early.

  5. Not necessarily, BillClay: holiday photos do require some lead time. Every time I’ve taken Christmas photos for somebody else’s family, it was at Thanksgiving or earlier.

  6. @ Andréa – The trick only works on direct image URLs. WordPress cannot embed the image when it needs to be fetched by a PHP script.

  7. gotcha. I think what I’ll do is send it up to my own directory and then send it to CIDU, violating copyright laws, I’m sure, but not for the first time (or the last).

  8. We don’t send photo cards. But we might one year. We would have to take the photo a year before – of my Teddy Bear Christmas village and the message would be – from our village to yours”.

    We actually get very few photo cards – SIL, of course has the girls in several Christmas outfits in photos in a card (one of which probably costs more than all of the ones we send out together), one of our neighbors, one guy in our reenactment unit – but we have not gotten a card from him recently – and I think one other. One fellow in our reenactment unit is an artist and draws his family and had cards made with the drawing.

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