1. Annie ‘ s the one that got away.

    And Gil (who has gills) was caught with a net, which one fish misunderstood as “caught with Annette”

    I guess the can has a silver (colored) lining but that could pushing it

  2. It’s a lot of little jokes that don’t add up to much.

    I did finally figure out “the big one” comment. It’s traditional for fishers to talk about “the big one that got away”, as Annie did.

  3. P.S. Anyone have a clue what these creatures are supposed to be? Given the brand name on the can, I would have expected either tuna or dolphins, but these things don’t look like either one. My first impression was “morey eel”.

  4. Kilby: Generic fish. They don’t look like morays to me. Their gills look more like sharks, actually, but the rest of them doesn’t.

    (“When the eel bites your thigh / and you bleed and you die / that a moray…”)

  5. ‘That’s a Moray/Amoré’ was written by Jack Brooks. Theme song for hubby’s dive buddies:
    What’s that gleam in a da reef?
    With the bright shiny teef?
    That’s a moray.

  6. @ Phil Smith III – I didn’t notice the “mesh enclosure” until after I posted that eeley comment. Now I’m thinking that they might have been intended as farmed salmon (which is an acceptable match for the brand name).

  7. How were they able to retrieve Gil’s body from the Starkist canning factory? Did they construct a series of breathing apparatus with kelp? “Trapping certain amounts of oxygen. It’s not gonna be days at a time. An hour? Hour forty-five? No problem. That will give us enough time to figure out where you live, go back to the sea, get some more oxygen, and stalk you.”

  8. “How were they able to retrieve Gil’s body from the Starkist canning factory?”

    He was on sale at Kroger for $1.29.

  9. “Andréa: And here I came up with that bit on my own! Jack’s is better.”

    Oh dear. You’ve managed to avoid this joke for the last 25 years? I envy you.

    Okay… my C- effort:

    When you want to strip in the sun,
    But you’re told that’s just not done,
    That’s the mores.

    —- yeah, .. I know.

  10. He’s the sidekick, you know,
    On the Dick Van Dyke show,
    That’s-a Morey!
    Amsterdam is his name
    and he talks a good game,
    That’s-a Morey!

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