1. …and are doing a fist-bump over the success of whatever it was they did. Yuck – reminding me why I don’t read The Duplex.

  2. My sister did medusa when she was a child. It was my idea.

    I think the guy (is his name Eno Camino? Amazing that I can remember that 23 years later) is miming picking a handful of candy from his bowl , then puts his empty fist into the trick or treaters bag, mimics dropping the candy but actually grabs an handful of candy, takes his fist full of candy to his bowl, mimes picking a handful of candy from his bowl but is actually releasing his handful of stolen candy into his bowl, and then repeats.

    It would take extremely smooth slight of hand to pull that off. He’d be better off entertaining kids at parties for treats than stealing candy from kids.

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