1. The squirrel’s line doesn’t even make sense. Saying ‘this’ tells us he means the dysfunction, but the thing you’re supposed to call the doctor if it lasts that long is the erection the ED meds facilitate. (I…suspect at least one word or phrase in this post will land it in the spam filter…but…)

  2. I actually didn’t see the squirrel until I saw the corresponding tag. Unusually unobtrusive for the odious little rodent.

  3. I don’t see anything Arlo-Y in this cartoon, nor anything particularly objectionable about the squirrel gag.

  4. This is actually true. With age, I find it harder to fix a cumbersome sentence. And this just happened this morning when discussing grammar.

  5. There was once a time when cartoonists were not allowed to show a toilet, or use a word like “dork” (because of the derivation related to “penis”). Anything even remotely “suggestive” (or heaven forbid, “sexual”) would be summarily cashiered by the syndicate’s editors. With that in mind, the “Arlo” appellation on this panel is more than understandable.

  6. I’ve been seeing a lot of Youtube and streaming music ads for a a software product called Grammerly, that’s supposed to help with those sort of problems. I suppose that “back to school” is the reason for the uptick. Get the kids using it to punch up their work.

    At least these ads are more entertaining than the local political attack ads. One of the problems with living in a border city like St. Louis is that we get all of our ads and the ones for Illinois.

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