1. The “simple” answer to T.J.’s question would be “In the sink!“, but this presumes that the upper rack was full, or that the placement were otherwise unsolvable. Unfortunately, the cartoonist drew only the front row of cups, so it would appear that there are plenty of placement options. This could lead to the theory that the answer might be some variant on “Where the sun don’t shine!“, but that would be a little too crude for Luanne in general, and even more so for T.J. in particular.

  2. Isn’t he just being sarcastic? It’s obvious where the mugs go and there’s plenty of room left. Aren’t they just recreating “The Odd Couple”?

  3. Kilby: I don’t think the upper rack was supposed to be full, and I think the intended answer was supposed to be “Where the sun don’t shine.”

    Didn’t find this strip hilarious, but I thought it worked OK.

  4. As to point 2, uh, how can I put this so it gets past the censor? You know where the term “brown nose” comes from?

  5. “Clearly T.J. has a very poor grasp of human anatomy.”

    Brad was 2/3 correct, which is “close”

  6. I expected Green Shirt to look in the dishwasher, say “This is all wrong! Doesn’t anybody know how to load a dishwasher?” and rearrange everything.

  7. So wait, the guest is berating the host about how he chooses to manipulate his own objects in his own kitchen??!

    $%&! that! The correct answer is, Rude Guest, you will remove your offending mug from the dishwasher and place it in the sink as is correct and customary behavior in this domicile!

  8. For a minute I got this confused with the Les and Gunther subplot, with sort of involuntary roommates, developing into an Odd Couple situation but with deeper issues.

    Here I was wondering if the dishwasher currently has CLEAN items to create the question of where to put the dirty ones — they would go in the dishwasher if somebody would accept the task of emptying the clean load and shelving / racking those items.

    They just need a little flippable sign for the status of the dishwasher contents. Yes, I know most modern models have an automatic indicator for when a cycle is complete, but it clears when the machine is opened for any reason. So, guys, get a magnet that says “Clean” and “Dirty”.

  9. I’m glad I wash all our dishes by hand. This “strange dishwasher box thing” sounds too advanced for my geezerish brain. (It probably steals souls too.)

    /// O.K.,I use “hands” and not just “hand,” and I do use soap and water and a dishpan too. Sheesh.

    T.J. isn’t exactly a “guest” — as best I recall, he and Brad were living in Brad’s parents’ old house rent-free, when Toni married Brad and moved in. T.J. is a gourmet cook (and I think Toni is mostly a “can heat water” level cook, and Brad is at best “can heat water two times out of three if he reads the instruction book first” type — even though they are both professional firefighters), so I preumse the internal logic, such as it is, is that he’s doing “his” share by doing most or all of the cooking. (He’s also pretty good at dealing with Toni’s bratty little neice Shannon, who keeps getting dropped off at short or no notice to be babysat by them.)

    That’s the internal logic; the external logic is that the Evansi apparently thought the Odd Couple Threesome would be funny (mostly, they aren’t) and/or they couldn’t be bothered to think of anything else to do with any of these irritating characters, so doubled down on keeping them together.

  10. larK: That was my first reaction. But I dunno, is TJ splitting the rent with them? Or paying them rent while they pay a mortgage? Or just living with them rent-free?

  11. When we were first married we did not have a dishwasher. I came home from work one day and Robert had snacked when he had gotten home. A used dish and glass were on the kitchen table. I called him into the kitchen (2 steps from anywhere else in our apartment), pointed and said “I am not your mother. You do not have to wash the dishes, but you do have to put them in the sink.” He has never left anything out since other than it has become our custom to leave the glasses we use at dinner out to use for late night snack. In between we had a dishwasher and he would put whatever he used in same – if it was not where I wanted it, I moved it to same – glad he put his stuff in the dishwasher. Now we are back to handwashing dishes and he leaves his dishes in the sink again if I am not around (which is rather rare).

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