1. On the one hand, hairballs are a consequence of cats’ tongues and their grooming regimen, not their fur, but as an exaggeration of stray hairs from…ah…’friendly grooming’ it works. And since Catwoman is the only one he’d be ‘grooming’, lately (they’re getting married next month) it’s a sound assumption. >_>

    (I can’t come up with a justification for the brown-haired Robin, though…none of the main-continuity Robins (nor any of the major Elseworld ones) have had brown hair…most of the guys have black hair, pre-Crisis Jason and Carrie are both redheads, Steph is blonde, Helena’s hair is black, like both parents…)

  2. Kamino Neko gets a +1 rating on the nerd scale… in 3 more points you get a free lollipop shaped like the death star (lollipop is at a 1:1 replica of actual death star)

    I suppose he could be hacking up hair from “personnel grooming”, but he could have also just have had a cat sleep on his face like Hungry Joe.

  3. I didn’t even see the squirrel until Bill mentioned the tag. And while the squirrel’s gag is superfluous, it’s not utterly pointless and horrible for once. In fact, it made me realize that maybe the squirrel is Whamond’s way of compensating for his bad art. Those who can’t figure out what that thing apparently coming out of Batman’s mouth is can find out from the squirrel.

  4. I did see the squirrel, but I did not see that it was saying something until I read DemetriosX @ 3 (on a tiny phone screen, the line looked like shading).

  5. I wonder if KN’s term “main-continuity” is an inspired diplomatic invention that could help those arguing about “canonical” in other threads ; or if there is an inevitable process that would drag it into dispute as well.

  6. “(I can’t come up with a justification for the brown-haired Robin, though…none of the main-continuity Robins (nor any of the major Elseworld ones) have had brown hair”

    Perhaps you are not looking at Batman and Robin, but at cosplayers who are PRETENDING to be Batman and Robin.
    Or, the way Batman goes through Robins, perhaps this is the NEXT one…

  7. Mitch – nah…’main continuity’ and ‘canon’ are orthogonal. There’s non-canonical stuff in the main continuity – dream sequences/imagine spots, unreliable narrator moments, stuff that got retconned out (either quietly or explicitly), etc, and there are other continuities (universes), with their own canons (currently important DC continuities other than the main one – the TV universes, the DCEU, the DCUOAM universe, the other universes within the comics multiverse (and Dark Multiverse), etc).

  8. “I suppose he could be hacking up hair from ‘personnel grooming’, ”

    That sounds like inappropriate workplace behavior.

  9. I’m a the only one who doesn’t distinguish between brown and black hair and considers them both brunette.

    (Considering movie casting, I seem to be the only one who distinguishes (male) blonde from light brunette.)

  10. And I seem to be one of the last to distinguish (male or
    generic) blond from (female) blonde.

  11. Okay, you’re not going to believe me, but I swear I attempted to type “blond” and not “blonde”. I was definitely thinking about it. Which may be why I made the typo. Because I was thinking about how “blond” isn’t “blonde” so I typed “blonde”.

    I often find I type the exact thing I’m trying to avoid typing if I think about not typing it.

    I swear…

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