1. I had to sit there and think about the first one for 30 seconds before it clicked. Maybe I should drink my coffee before reading CIDU, not during.

  2. Everybody today has a story about how they met somebody on the Internet. Not me, here’s how I met MY little lady…

  3. The first one is a CIDU for me, unless it’s just that if you only have a cupcake, you only get the small stripper coming out of it.

  4. @Chak and carlfink: I was a little puzzled at first too. I thought maybe he’d ordered a “cupcake”, and was surprised what he got. That slang expression would likely fit in with the era the comic was drawn, as it’s Addams.

    However, it is one of those automat things so the cake must have changed after he pulled it out of the little box. I think you’re version is correct.

  5. I like the little lady jumping out of the cupcake. I wonder if the man has a ten inch pianist to accompany her?
    Also got a kick out of the balloon werewolf, had to think about it for a few seconds first.

  6. Nobody’s making a PETER PAN movie just now, so Tinker Belle has to take any job she can find. Available for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Automat openings. . .

  7. I took the first one to be a muffin, rather than a cupcake. Drift into Arlo Territory from that point for the most I can make of the first one. And at a mid-20th-centure auto mat, no less.

  8. And I thought the automat was a family restaurant. I am guessing that this is a play on calling pretty girls cupcakes?

    Did Papa leave his gun cocked (sorry if that goes into moderation)? Other wise the child would have to do so to the gun – in addition to it being loaded and the child being able to pull the trigger. (Could not tell from the picture, could be percussion by 1850 or it could be old and be flintlock.)

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