1. Not to me, but I never have any expectation of understanding anything in the Lockhorns, anyway.

  2. ianosmond, “understand” or “find funny”? Understanding it is easy if you remember that it’s Andy Capp except the domestic violence is verbal rather than physical.

  3. I’m surprised that they would admit to subjecting you to commercials 26% of the time.

  4. CIDU Bill: Because WINS is owned by CBS. A Googling turns up a full station name “1010 WINS – CBS New York”.

  5. Thanks, Winter, for bringing up Ruben Bolling and the Super-Fun-Pak Comix. I’m not sure when they became a thing on their own, but I think I recall them at first as an occasional big panel for his Tom The Dancing Bug, with five or six little 3-or-4-panel strips put together as a rather surreal parody newspaper comics page. Later it became a daily on its own, with just one of these on a weekday.

    There is a variety of styles and genres he uses, all more or less parodic in some way, but only some taking aim at particular existing other strips, and somehow getting to their core in a way the originals would hold back from. Thus, as WW offers, “Marital Mirth” is “The Lockhorns” boiled down and always given that same punchline. On the panel that WW links to, there is also an example of “Oh, That Boy!” which is “Dennis The Menace” deconstructed. Etc.!

  6. I recall hearing it in Los Angeles over 20 years ago, though I don’t remember where.

  7. Ah, I did some checking. The slogan was started in NYC, but was used by all Westinghouse stations around the country. Westinghouse was later bought by CBS, so it’s theirs now. In LA, it was KFWB, which I would listen to, because they broadcast the Dodgers.

    It also occurs to me that this strip could have Arlo implications…

  8. Yes, but do the other radio stations still have the sound of teletype machines clattering in the background like KWY?

  9. @ DemetriosX – Ooog. Just thinking about Leroy+Arlo makes me want to reach for the mental floss, even without the “22 minutes”, which one would definitely not (want to) connect in that context.

  10. I’m from New York so I get it, but the idea of the Lockhorns actually having sex is going to give me nightmares tonight.

  11. Its Justme
    The slogan doesn’t have to mean the other time is filled with commercials. It could just mean the news will recycle back to the same point every 22 minutes. In that 22 minute span they’ll cover weather, sports, major stories, etc. So if you listen for 22 continuous minutes, you’ll get all the highlights of what is happening in the world. Within that 22 minutes there could be commercials.

  12. Re: Bill Clay

    The news cycle on 1010WINS is actually 20 minutes long. I assume that the “22 minutes” in the phrase is there to catch your attention and refers to a single news cycle including headlines at both ends, hence the extra 2 minutes.

  13. Chris in South Jersey – WINS (in NYC area including North Jersey) has the teletype machines in the background also. I never noticed this until my husband insisted on listening to CBS 880 instead (yes, CBS owns 2 all news radio stations in NYC area) as he could not stand hearing the teletype machine in the background.

    Lately I get burned out of listening to both stations over and over on the 45 min to 1.5 hour drive into Queens to go to Manhattan and the 2 to 3 hour drive home from same (same trips each time – depends on traffic and has gotten worse since NYC went to 25 mph on non limited access roads) – which is basically the same broadcasts 8 to 13 times over and over and managed to find NPR which has longer segements and doesn’t repeat to listen to.

  14. Give NPR a chance on a longer trip, you’ll soon be climbing the walls for the repetition. After about two or so on-the-hour news updates, you’ll be sick to death of whatever stupid things are happening that day that the press keeps going on about, and you’ll dread the words, “But first, the news,” when an interesting sounding program starts up. And in the afternoons, you’ll get a double dose of the exact same “All Things Considered”, played back to back, such that if you were driving around 5 pm, if you’re then driving around 7 pm you’ll hear the exact same long-form stories, enough to make you question your sanity sometimes — didn’t I hear this before??
    But first, the news.

  15. This is why I listen to the Flemish stations: I don’t understand the news, I don’t understand the commercials. It’s music interspersed by white noise: perfect.

  16. larK – same stories every 20 minutes on the ride in and the same stories ditto on the way back – and at least 25% of the stories is the traffic – which does not match what I am driving in – and the weather I really need something with longer stories. And I only drive to Manhattan once a month – so I only hear it then.

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