1. “it’s TMI when the crack *isn’t* covered.”

    Here is an elaborate explanation which is certainly not what the artist intended, but which seems to hold together.

    In the present scene, the speech is coming from… the bird. Now, you can use comic reality and assume the bird is speaking with anthropometric agency, or you can inject a bit of realism, and assume that the bird is speaking in a way similar to the way real birds speak… it is imitating something that it has heard, probably repeatedly. In that scenario, what has happened is that the tramp-stamped plumber is nearing the end of a several-days’ long project… one in which he initially appeared in a more stereotypical plumber’s wardrobe, to which the lady of the house responded as it seems you would have, for the reason you give. The bird heard this and started to repeat it. The bird kept repeating it, often enough that the plumber adjusted his wardrobe choices for later days of the project, until we reach the scene presented… plumber in (relatively) modest attire, bird complaining of “too much information”, lady of the house silent.

  2. I agree that the bird is talking, but I think the unpleasent amount of information received by said bird is that this guy is a cat lover. (And the TMI received by the reader is that the panel isn’t funny anyway.)

    I’m a cat lover too, but not to the extent that I’d consider getting a cat tat on my body, especially as I’m even more of a tattoo hater than I am a cat lover.

  3. ” I think the unpleasent amount of information received by said bird is that this guy is a cat lover.”

    Not just “a cat”. Heathcliff in particular. As I said, it’s both a tramp stamp AND a gang tat.

  4. I’m surprised that nobody has noticed that the bird is actually the squirrel wearing an elaborate (and apparently very effective) feathered costume.

  5. Is it a tattoo of Heathcliff? Why would anyone get a Heathcliff tattoo? All Heathcliff ever seems to do is go around annoying people and small animals.

  6. The bird is saying aloud what the lady is thinking in petto.
    The bird refers to the cat tattoo, the lady to the crack.

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