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  1. Not really related to comics (I hedge because someone might turn up a relevant one), but I have some advice. If you’re fasting before lab tests, don’t start watching cooking/eating videos on Youtube.

  2. Would it be sufficiently random to plug my self-published vanity eBook here? If so, look up “Her Temporary Prince” by … (sounds of a scuffle and a door slamming)

  3. I love Amazon’s notations about having previously purchased an item. Too often, I forget I’ve already got something that I want. But I hadn’t bought your book, Minor Annoyance, so I did. Sounds intriguing!

  4. The page announcing this page is getting a lot more comments that this page, itself. Would it make sense to keep this one the top for a while, instead?

  5. Just my opinion, it’s a tiny bit bothersome having that (or anything) pinned at the top for very long. Only because when there happens to be an actual new post, it is not as easily made visible.

  6. I just noticed that, too. It could be why there are not many comments here. But it does show up on larK’s CIDU Recent Comments Archive.

  7. suggestion – since “old random comments” is still the easiest of the Randoms to get to, maybe the head post text there is a good place for a link to New Random (or Meta New Random).

  8. Wait, are these “zombies” supposed to look different from the regular Close to Home characters?

  9. “Today’s quiz: what’s the normal amount of time between a kitchen being damaged by a leaking pipe and that kitchen being fully repaired?”

    Depends on the skill of the homeowner. For Bob Vila’a kitchen, it’s probably measured in hours.

  10. Note from 2020-11-08: This page has been superseded (by new separate pair Random Comments and Site Comments threads — see left sidebar menu). Thanks to @Kilby for tracking down these threads and identifying some which are nominally still accepting new comments. Closing this one today.

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