1. I think she is just making a point about how ridiculous the other girl’s statement is by making her own ridiculous statement.

  2. “I think she is just making a point about how ridiculous the other girl’s statement is by making her own ridiculous statement.”

    Buh…buh…but… she just threw away a perfectly good book!

    Hmm, it could be the case that there is one (fictional) clown in one gutter that is the basis of the statement “some people say gutters have clowns in them”. Now one gutter has a book (please, god, a bad and sacrificial book; maybe a copy of “IT”) so now it’d be accurate to say “gutters are full of really good books“.

    (i.e. a single weak case doesn’t lead to a universal strong case)

    …. but I think it’s easier and more satisfying to say “I don’t get it”.

  3. I share your feeling that it remains unexplained.

    Especially in light of the character, Gracie. Even without being a close follower of this comic strip, I sort of know the character, and she loves reading. She would not treat a book that way. Unless terribly frightened? confused?

  4. Mark M: But her statement isn’t even ridiculous. Since she just put one in there, the gutter really does have a good book. Perhaps she should have used the singular, rather than the plural, but there is a good book in the gutter (and presumably there is not a scary clown in the gutter).

  5. Winter Wallaby:

    But having a book in the gutter doesn’t exclude the possibility that there is also a clown in the gutter.

    Otherwise we can clear all the oceans’ plastic pollution by adding a tsp of tap water to the ocean; now that the ocean has water in it, it can’t have plastic. Of course, that was be causing an extinction at a scale never seen before because now that the ocean has water in it it can’t have any life in it..

  6. “But having a book in the gutter doesn’t exclude the possibility that there is also a clown in the gutter.”

    I never said that it did.

  7. WW, I probably could have been clearer, but I meant ridiculous in the sense that there is no logic behind the statement, not that it could never happen. Just like no reasonable person would think there are evil clowns hiding in gutters waiting to steal children. She could just as well said “Sure that might be true, but it’s also true that some gutters have really good books in them. (As she tosses the book in the gutter). See?”

    Why would she toss a really good book away? Because that is what she had in her hand at the time, and maybe making a point is more important to her.

  8. Maybe that’s the intent of the cartoon (I don’t have a better explanation), but if so, that seems really confusing.

    If someone says that you shouldn’t fly because Santa Claus might hijack the plane, it makes sense to say “I might as well worry about snakes on the plane” (implied comparison: both fears are irrational, because neither will happen). It doesn’t make sense to say “I might as well worry that my laptop will get smashed with a hammer,” and then proceed to smash my laptop with a hammer. It might be irrational to worry about my laptop getting smashed with a hammer, but I don’t make that point well by smashing it.

  9. I assumed (as a retired teacher) that it referred to efforts to ban certain books that “belonged in the gutter.” Like “Huckleberry Finn”, To Kill a Mockingbord, etc etc.

  10. I really like catladymac’s theory, although it seems a little too sophisticated for the level of humor usually found in “Baldo”.

  11. If catladymac’s theory is what the cartoonist was going for, and I think it might have been, then it would probably have have been better if Gracie had patted her book and held it close to her and not put it in the gutter and said “SOME people think the gutters are (or maybe “should be”) filled with really good books” (the implication being, I don’t think that). But by putting her book in the gutter, she seems to be suggesting that she thinks her book does belong there.

    Also, she could have said something along the lines of “Some people say the gutters are full of dinosaurs/ secret laboratories/ paedo-dens/ ancient Egyptian warriors”, the implication here being that “some people” say all sort of nonsense that isn’t true, which might have been the effect she was going for. But by putting her book in the gutter and then saying that some people say there are books in the gutter, she is muddying the waters somewhat as now there is at least one book in the gutter.

  12. I thought she was attempting to deal with the evil scary clown problem by giving it (or IT) a really good book to read. That would probably work better if we knew what the specific book was.

  13. And Lizard People ! Don’t forget the Lizard People in the gutters ! (Hat tip tp Kilby and Narmitaj and Mitch4)

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