1. To me it looks like one of those husband/wife tropes where one makes a suggestion to another, suggestion gets ignored, gloating occurs. This happens a lot with Jay and Gloria on Modern family.

    Arlo: Are you sure you want a sweater? It’s a lovely day outside.

    Janis: It’s October and I’ve just unpacked all of my winter clothes! What better time to wear a sweater.!

    Arlo: Ok, but I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I’m telling you, it’s beautiful out there.

    Janis: Do whatever you want! Fall has arrived!

    Scene above.

    Janis: Statement above.

  2. Yup. Not cold enough. It’s established that Janis loves fall and sitting outside in the leaves with a cup of hot beverage of some sort and a bulky sweater and she’s jumped the gun this time, as Arlo has correctly informed her.

  3. Not only the two above, BUT he’d rather look at her in clothing with less body coverage, which makes his smile even larger (and more painful if he DOES hurt himself).

  4. The visuals are clear: Janis is excited to put on a sweater and drink a hot beverage outside on a chilly fall day, but it’s not chilly at all and Arlo knew that. The text makes little sense to me though: shouldn’t it be more along the lines of “don’t say anything or you might hurt yourself?”

  5. Everybody seems pretty much in agreement apart from some detailed matters. I’d go along with CaroZ 90% of the way, but not the alternative at the end: what might be Arlo hurting himself seems to be the holding back of uttering any remark.

  6. I can see taking the sweater off if it really is too warm, but why pour our the coffee (or whatever it is) rather than just letting it cool down a bit and then drinking it?

  7. i wondered about that, too – I like HOT coffee in all weathers (ICED coffee if it’s available, but never just plain ol’ COLD coffee).

  8. While I think the consensus here is probably correct, there’s no panel establishing that Arlo has told her that it’s warm out.

  9. @Winter Wallaby-

    That’s part of the charm of A&J- the reader has to sometimes fill in the missing dialog to get the joke. And since may of us see our lives reflected in A&J, figuring out the missing dialog isn’t too difficult.

  10. Hubby & I are in the pumpkin [pie] spice coffee season right now – two bags of it. Should last thru Thanksgiving. Hot chocolate? Not ’til the snow flies.

  11. Janis is aware that Arlo is restraining him from saying “told you!” and suggests he say something before holding it in causes him injury.

  12. @ MiB – I find it strange that wordpress displayed the link, and did not incorporate the image into the comment. i can’t see anything that should have prevented that (such as text before or after the link).

  13. Hadn’t we found, empirically, that for an image to show (rather than a link), it has to be on a line by itself? If that’s the problem, this will work:

  14. I spent most of my life feeling too hot. I would wear a sweatshirt and not a winter coat until the temperature was in maybe 40Fs and not zip the jacket closed until the 20Fs. We would argue about it – he always told me that I would get sick (I only seemed to get colds though when he brought them home from work as a carrier – he worked with children – depending on the year ages could vary from 2 1/2 years to 21 – and brought home whatever was going around to me).

    About 10 years ago (more or less) almost simultaneously, but unrelated – I went through menopause, lost weight and suddenly had low thyroid which I started meds for so it quickly went to normal range. I I am now freezing almost all of the time. I always figured if one is cold, one dresses warmer. I found out if it in the 80Fs one cannot wear sweatshirt no matter how cold one feels – one will get heatstroke fairly early on. I don’t feel “not cold” (not warm, just not cold) until the weather in the 90Fs. I have been instructed by him if I ever feel not cold, I am to turn on the air conditioner until I feel cold again as it means the temperature is 90 or above.

    Earlier this past summer we remembered – by trying to use it – that our bedroom ac had stopped blowing cold at the end of last summer – just worked as a fan. Of course we did not buy a new one then – buy it the spring so the warranty covers it straight through the summer – right? The heat was not bothering me at all – I still was wearing a long sleeved tee shirt, socks and old jeans to sleep in, but he was miserable. We tried all sorts of things to avoid having to go out of the house to buy an ac and then having someone come into our house – into our bedroom (not just due to virus, but also due to bed bugs of several years ago and not wanting them again). We brought the fan from the basement upstairs, not cold enough for him. We schlepped up the stairs the portable ac we have for the living room – both us working together one step at time. It was working last year when we used it in the dining room or the living room (put a piece in the window to exhaust and we never attached it permanently so we could wheel back forth downstairs). We installed it in the bedroom window with screws to keep windows in place – we could no longer open my closet – it has stopped working other than as a fan also. he brought in the small fan we use in our RV (when we used to actually use it – 2nd year it unused) and that was the best of the fans, we even tried putting frozen plastic bottles of water in front of it (the old method used for cooling off places) – but the water was melted half way through the night. He was so miserable that we had to be buy and ac and have it put in.

    After same I started sleeping as far under the sheet as I could with 2 blankets over me as I was freezing cold. One problem is that he used to always warm – everything in our house is set up to cool me off and keep him warmer so ac is on my side of the bedroom.

    So I have been become the little old lady who carries a sweatshirt everywhere she goes in summer to wear in the air conditioning.

  15. @ Arthur – Thanks for revealing the solution. I thought that the link was all alone on its own line. What I didn‘t realize is that the entire comment was a single line, but the link was “word wrapped” (because of length), making it appear as if it were isolated on the second line.

  16. I used to work with someone who did cross-country skiing. He said that you start off wearing many layers of clothing and an empty backpack. You eventually end up wearing a hat, sweater, and gloves, and have a full backpack.

  17. Meryl A: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m freezing cold, under two or three blankets. But I have to go to the bathroom so, shivering or not, I throw off the covers, stand up, and …
    I’m fine. Not hot, not cold, nice comfortable temperature.
    WTF is that all about? The bedroom temperature is 62 at night.

  18. Only Andréa is close. Arlo is grinning because Janis is taking off her clothes and he’s enjoying the show. He’s dying to say something about but is trying not to, and she’s like “just say it and get it over with”. I have been in this exact situation with my wife many times. I know it when I see.

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