1. Oh…. I get it.

    It was huh, huh, huh, for two hours and then *click*.

    Luddy keeps him up at night by running around like a maniac (it’s a thing cats do).

    So Arlo thinks he’ll give Luddy a taste of his medicine by running around when Luddy is trying to sleep (hence the evil look on Arlo’s face in panel 1). But it fails because Luddy doesn’t care and Arlo just exhaust himself.

    One has to wonder how he could *ever* have thought it would be successful but…. maybe the kitty litter parasites have gotten into Arlo’s brain finally.

  2. Out on a limb here…

    Ludwig is relaxing on the couch, which I imagine Arlo does too. Sometimes cats run around and make noise, disturbing owners who are relaxing (my cat used to jump on my chest scaring the crud out of me). Arlo sees his opportunity to ‘pay back’ Ludwig by running around in an attempt to disturb his slumber, but it’s not working. Cats are too chilled for this. Arlo is just tiring himself out for nothing.

    Payback is he11.

  3. Stan’s got it, though I think it’s more likely to be about Luddie waking Arlo up in the middle of the night than when he’s relaxing on the couch.

  4. I didn’t get it at first either, but yes, Stan has it. To have been clearer, Arlo should probably have started pummelling the cat’s stomach gently but relentlessly and then biffing him on on the mouth and making loud “I want fed” noises before turning and presenting his naked rear end uncomfortably close to the cat’s face. But I can see why some of this was not drawn out.

  5. “Why is her dialogue in quotes?”
    Because it’s a (somewhat) common saying, and she is citing it at him, not just saying that content message.

  6. It’s in quotes because “They say” is elided. (As in “They say ‘payback is hell'”. Except that’s not what they say, except you can’t print what they actually say in newspapers.)

  7. I know someone who got tired of the cat sticking its butt in his face, so he dropped trou’ and returned the gesture (or so he says, I wasn’t there). He claims the cat didn’t do it again.

  8. “Stan’s got it” “but yes, Stan has it” ” I too will stan that answer.”

    Ah, the joys of being in permanent moderation limbo….

  9. Have I trotted out my anecdote about how it was nice that Usenet was in many ways asynchronous? There were underlying timestamps for postings but what determined the order you would see them in was by default when they arrived at your local server. So it was not uncommon for different readers to see a group of similar posts in different viewing order, and while explicit priority arguments were rare the understanding was that within a certain penumbra several posts should be treated as independent.

    This became clear to me when I was half on my computer one evening and half watching TV. I was watching “30 something”, the episode with a storyline based on Joyce’s “The Dead”. Three or four other watchers and I all about the same time posted exclamations about this to (I guess it was) rec.arts.tv . “30 Something does The Dead!”

    And didn’t feel like we needed to follow with “BTW I started writing mine without having the chance to see yours”. Which sometimes is what you feel like noting when a website imposes a linear order that all will see the same way. (Though we know some ways it can go wrong!)

  10. I have four indoor and an ever-changing number of outdoor cats, and I would never have gotten this one in a million years.

  11. I understood what Arlo was doing. But… how does the payback comment make any sense? Arlo didn’t get the payback he wanted, and Ludwig wasn’t seeking payback.

  12. Arlo was _trying_ for payback, and all he got was exhausting himself.

    My cats don’t get the zoomies (at least, not often). One does, however, show off her Siamese voice at least twice a night. Ghahh.

  13. When one *does* get it, the smug evil look on Arlo’s face in panel 1 totally makes the comic.

    It makes up for the suspension of disbelief that he could ever harbor any thoughts that this would *ever* work. (If anything, a cat would *like* it if we got the zoomies…. that is if a cat would ever deign to acknowledge our activities ever draw their attention.)

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