1. Pretty funny. Now I wonder what the original context of the image may have been. A quick reverse-image search brought me nothing.

  2. Grawlix: Here’s what I get from reverse image search:

    I look forward to seeing updates of this cartoon, with new dates, until things improve (read: shortly after the end of time).

  3. CIDU Bill: That’s what you’re going to say in September, after “The Event,” about June.

  4. Winter Wallaby, that’s just an earlier version of this meme. 🙂 It doesn’t say anything about what the original source (comic or perhaps even an animated film) may have been.

  5. Winter, remember when that girl with the pigtails was telling us how the world was going to end in a few years? That was so many crises ago…

  6. We went through an odd period starting in October 2018 in which things went wrong (nothing life shaking – just constantly) and we were sure that 2020 was going to be the year it stopped and life would be normal again – had!

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