1. Pillsbury’s “they” (in the last panel) doesn’t mean the kids, he’s talking about the company that started producing the corona balls. He’s would be willing to invest in any product, no matter how “tasteless”, as long as it’s predestined to make money.

  2. To add to Kilby’s comment, not only is it a probable money-maker, it’s vaguely related to pharmaceuticals.

  3. Oh, there really are such tasteless things. (www.modernhealthcare.com/marketing/anxious-about-coronavirus-how-about-knitted-virus-stress-ball#main-content) I think I even saw a coronavirus beachball the other day.

    And that reminds me: I’ve been wondering who originated the graphic depiction that every newscast has been using, with the (usually) red sphere sprouting dozens of suction cups.

  4. Oh, that’s the one, Arthur. (I figured it was in the public domain, because everybody uses and modifies it.) But there must be one artist who came up with it, and I hope he got paid well for it.

  5. This is a great example of a comic with multiple levels. First, they are discussing the virus ball, up until the rich guy says “Definitely”.

    However, seeing the virus ball causes his mind to shift. When he says he is saying he wishes they had come to him, he is talking about the virus manufacturers. He knows they spent a lot of money on developing the disease and the vaccine. But to ensure it was really profitable, they needed to release it globally and have it kill a huge number of people so there would be demand for the vaccine. He is sad because he will not make the big money from being in on the vaccine patent. He’s so sad because he remembers when they used to manufacture things in the USA, like when the CIA paid him to develop crack. But lost all the money inventing HIV. Sad story. Lots of good people, doctors who knew but not these kind. The disinfectants make you better, or couldn’t hurt. When they start dying, they start buying.

  6. @ Singapore Bill – Although it is well-crafted, I hope that you are aware that not everyone here will understand hypersarcastic surrealism, even when they can see your name on the comment.

  7. Boise Ed, she’s on staff and probably got nothing more than her normal salary. There were some more interesting stories, but this is the one I could find, now:

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