1. The ingredients are what it says on the can.

    They’ve been playing Christmas in July as a diversion as they can’t wait for the real Christmas to come. Because it’s fun they’ve been doing it earlier and earlier, and this year they are having their Christmas in July two months early in May.

  2. I thought it was Christmas in August, not July, but maybe my geezer memory just goes back even farther than Gracie’s.

  3. I’ve always known it as Christmas In July. The comic seems to be an off-season swipe at Holiday season-creep.

  4. My birthday is in June. As a child, I considered this perfect. Six months from the shower of presents at Xmas till my birthday in June, then six months back to Xmas. My parents were not the type to buy me toys at other times of the year. I still got clothes if needed, but that was it.

  5. SingaporeBill –

    My sister was born on Dec 23 – and only then because the doctor induced labor in my mom. She grew up to marry a man who was born on January 8. So 2 gifts each, back when we used to trade gifts, in the Chanukah season. Then they get married on November 25th – so all of their gifts were due in less than 2 months.

    Then Robert’s sister got married. Luckily they both have birthdays at other times during the year, but they were married on November 17. One of their 2 daughters has a January 26 birthday.

    We had enough trouble coming up with a gift for someone – let along multiple gifts for them within 2 months. Now we only buy gifts for Robert’s 2 nieces (10 and 18 now) and my niece and nephews (31, 28 and 27) get checks. No gifts for siblings or my mom or me – Robert will buy a book or DVD for himself that I will wrap and “give him” for the various occasions.

  6. Just remembered – Hallmark channel has Christmas in July. They annoy Robert by taking Frasier off the air, as they do at Christmas time, and put on Christmas movies in July.

  7. Both my wife and I have June birthdays, but hers is the best distance from Christmas… it’s June 25, the answer to the riddle: “Every year, she gets presents on her half birthday… so what day is her birthday?”

  8. @billytheskink: If you’re counting my months, your wife has the best birthday (for someone who celebrates Christmas). If you’re counting by days, it’s actually June 26.

  9. Kilby— Christmas in August seems to have only existed in Yellowstone Park and a Korean movie.

    I wasn’t really aware that Christmas in July was a thing…. except I’ve never hear of Christmas in a month other than December as any month other than July. I always assumed it was just because The 4th of July and Christmas were supposed to be the two holidays on opposite ends of the Calendar.

  10. “If you’re counting my months, your wife has the best birthday (for someone who celebrates Christmas). If you’re counting by days, it’s actually June 26.”

    1) Everybody *does* count by month. If your birthday is March 31, May 31, Aug. 29, 30,31, Oct 31, or Dec 31 you don’t *have* half birthdays.

    2) If we did count by days most years have an odd number days so you can have two half birthdays depending on if you count the day 182 days before or 182 days after the birthday. June 26 is 182 days *befor* Christmas. But June 25 is 182 days after Christmas, unless the following year is a leap year and then it is June 26.

  11. Re: Christmas in August.

    I think I recall Kilby saying that he comes from the Washington, DC area. For many years, one of the DC public radio stations, WETA, had an annual “Christmas in August” celebration. It was begun by the morning announcer, Bill Cerri. Supposedly, one typically hot and humid August morning, Cerri decided to beat the heat by playing Christmas music.

    It became an annual tradition on Cerri’s morning show. Eventually, the US Air Force Band got into the act, annually putting on an evening Christmas in August concert on the Mall, hosted by Cerri.

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