1. Well, it’s a cartoon, not a news story. If you question every ridiculous situation or premise that appears in the comics then you may well fill the internet to capacity.
    Johnny Carson once quipped, “If you buy the premise, you’ll buy the bit.” when introducing a skit. Oh, how true that is.

  2. How about if the premise is that grocery stores have an interest in getting parents with potentially rowdy toddlers in and out of the store as fast as possible. They have special lanes installed for that purpose. This couple has found a loophole.

  3. Many supermarkets have made their aisles one-way. Seeing that, it’s only a normal comic stretch to HOV lanes.

  4. I had the same reaction as Arthur.

    dvandom, I find that about 80-90% of people at my store follow the one-way signs. But even 10-20% going the wrong way greatly limits their utility.

  5. In some UK supermarkets they had a rule that only one person per household should do the shopping, to reduce the number of people involved at anyone time. I am not sure how toughly that was enforced or if it still holds, but anyway it is the very opposite of putting in a high-occupancy vehicle lane. So maybe similar rules apply in this case but our man-in-the-trolley has misread the signage.


  6. >Why would a supermarket possibly put in a HOV lane?

    Because it’s the latest trendy buzzword? Seems lots of times that the primary reason for doing anything.

    >“If you buy the premise, you’ll buy the bit.”

    But I think Bill made it abundantly clear he *doesn’t* buy the premise.

  7. The local Aldi has one-way. Pretty everybody was following them, except one guy who look half-asleep. When he was trying to come down the crowded dairy aisle, I insisted he turn around and go the correct direction. He did.

  8. I took my first pandemic-era supermarket trip yesterday. A few weeks ago, I read that this was the first supermarket in the area to have one-way aisles, but… they didn’t.

    So I have to wonder what happened. They did take social distancing very seriously, though.

  9. In addition to the possible (topical, coronal) connection to the one-way aisles(*) mentioned above, this is also a simple reversal from the normal “express” lanes in supermarkets, which are (effectively) for low occupancy “vehicles” (meaning the cart contents).
    P.S. I have not seen one-way aisles in any supermarkets here in Germany, but the local mall did divide the main circulating hallway, and defined the inner “ring” to go clockwise, with the outer ring counter-clockwise. It worked very well, at least for the short section I was in.

  10. Bill, unless I’m projecting, I think woozy was wondering how you managed to go this long without a supermarket trip. My guess is that someone else in your household had done the shopping.

  11. >We’ve been getting deliveries from Amazon/Whole Foods.

    Wait. That actually exists? I thought that was a myth like a sixteen oz. pint or the Ca. bottle deposit.

    So how’d manage that? Did you find twenty-fifth hour of the day to schedule the deliveries that somehow everyone else overlooked?

  12. I also haven’t seen or heard of one-way aisles in Germany. OTOH, all of the markets around here have imposed a rule where you can’t enter if you don’t have a cart. It’s supposed to help with maintaining distancing, but if a couple goes in with 2 carts, it mostly causes clogs and jams.

  13. I have not yet made it on time to any “seniors only hours” (now rebranded “vulnerable populations reserved hours”); tho once I did make it by 7:30 to my nearby Target, to learn their special hour is on Wednesday, not Tuesday-and-Wednesday as I had previously seen in ads. Still, it wasn’t real crowded.

  14. When I was a kid I misheard “HOV lane” as “anchovy lane” and surmised that vehicles with 2 or more people in them were being compared to tins of anchovies. An anchovy lane would make more sense in a supermarket.

  15. Wait. That actually exists? I thought that was a myth like a sixteen oz. pint or the Ca. bottle deposit.

    So how’d manage that? Did you find twenty-fifth hour of the day to schedule the deliveries that somehow everyone else overlooked?

    If you refresh the page a few times over the course of the day, a free delivery window will eventually appear. Usually.

    Actually, I was surprised we get delivery at all, since we’re a half hour from the nearest Whole Foods.

  16. >If you refresh the page a few times over the course of the day, a free delivery window will eventually appear. Usually.

    Hmm…. I guess fortune favors… well, not the brave, per se, but those who don’t after seeing a week blanked out a time and repeating immediately with same results does say “screw this” and go storming out of the room….. I guess.

    I admire your ability to not say “screw this” and not go storming out of the room.

  17. Stubbornly starving to death out of spite never occurred to you?

    Man, you and I just think differently.

    (But seriously, if every time slot is completely filled out the first five times I try it I’m not inclined to keep doing it seven times a day hoping a slot will open up. One starts thinking about ketchup soup and strained rice after awhile but that’s always a few weeks off….)

  18. We last went food shopping March 26 and almost did not go. Robert was okay with going as the night before, but that day he started to panic. I looked up the delivery service for the market we were going to ready to order for delivery (never got as far time slots), but he liked my suggestion. We would drive by the supermarket and look how crowded the parking lot was. It was too crowded and I figured we were going home. He decided to drive the Walmart Neighborhood Market (just what one would find in a supermarket and still not a full WM supermarket section of a Super WM). I did not say that I figured that would be more crowded as the only of its kind. It was. But on the corner going there we passed a supermarket of the same chain we started for and it was about 3 times the market and about the same number of cars. (This is premask wearing, one way lanes, etc.) I had two of the new plastic bags they sell and 3 of the old (just no longer allowed in NYS, but that was suspended due to C-19) “one use” plastic bags in my jacket pockets. I carried a bag and he filled it. Then the second bag (still carrying the first one) followed by 2 of the old type bags. He rang up the items at self serve (heard a rumor same no longer exists) and I rebagged everything. He figured we had bought enough for 2 weeks, I figured a month at minimum.

    We had been out twice in the weeks before. We are still living off what we had bought and I figure we are okay for another 2 weeks at least. We did cut back on how much eat to about 1/2 to 2/3. (l lost 10 pounds and now down to just overweight.)

    It is amazing what I found in the back of our pantry closet and how many items one can make without all of the ingredients on their boxes. I am still waiting to make Kraft mac and cheese without any milk and kasha without the eggs that the instructions on the boxes calls for. Mashed potato flakes (found in 2 plastic containers) without milk was not bad – especially with gravy. Fried eggs with smashed matzoh crumbs and 1/4 teaspoon of light brown sugar (in freezer used annually for several years to make Thanksgiving sweet potatoes so not a high need item and available for any use) on them were very good. And I still have not used any of the 3 cans of Spam I found.

    We did finally go out last Friday night and buy Chinese food – had to order online and we bought 2 dinners worth (had the second dinner tonight) plus extra 2 qts of rice – very good reheated in boiling water with a variety of foods. Very impressed at the no contact our takeout place has been turned into and due to same will be going back as he feels comfortable doing so.

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