1. Not touching the queen of England is a significant rule of protocol, and underlines what a serious and proper personage she is.

    Not touching the queen who drinks, smokes, carries a knife and has a tattoo is also a significant rule of protocol, because you will be cut.

    The humor might be the suggestion that Queen Elizabeth projects a flawlessly proper public image but privately drinks, smokes and terrorizes her palace guards with the prospect that she will cut them if they violate protocol. Maybe just the contrast of the real queen and this fictional queen is the joke; like most of the jokes in the movie King Ralph.

    The death of the actual Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t seem too relevant in the long run – but the distributor would probably cancel it in the immediate wake of her death. Awkward if it were already set to print just as she died, but with no known health issues the odds still seem low, despite her age.

  2. MJSR #1 above mentions the movie King Ralph. Check out this over-the-top clip with actor John Goodman (the king) and Little Richard (The King). (2:47)

    Words fail me.

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