1. Elsewhere, someone mentioned that there were no snow days during the winter, but it felt like every day was a snow day.

  2. CIDU Bill: I guess you live in an urban environment? Even though you talk about New York City a lot, I somehow pictured you in a suburb in New Jersey.

    In my suburb, people still go outside for walks and jogs; the population density is low enough you can still social distance on the sidewalks.

  3. At the very least I have to go out to get the mail. But I’ve been doing yard work on occasion, although the rain situation we’ve had since October continues so that can interfere. I’m hoping my usual place will have tomato and pepper plants, as that time is coming soon. I haven’t checked with them.

  4. OK, I’ve been wondering…

    The popular phrase these days is “Be safe” (as CIDUBill has noted at the head of this page).

    Shouldn’t it be “Be healthy”?

  5. Well, I’m stlil “essential” (until April 15) so I still go out and deal with people.

  6. ‘Shouldn’t it be “Be healthy”?’

    Many people you meet are currently not healthy, though only some of them show it. I think “safe” is the safer choice of word.

  7. “Even though you talk about New York City a lot, I somehow pictured you in a suburb in New Jersey”

    Correct on both counts, Winter: I am a New Yorker in New Jersey exile (so I answer differently when people ask me “Where are you from?” and “Where do you live?”)

    And you are correct that I could go for walks, but a) the weather’s been awful and b) this isn’t a very walkable town: narrow twisty roads with no sidewalks, in addition to being mind-numbingly boring. YET you have to be constantly vigilant because of the narrow twisty roads with no sidewalks.

    We have an extensive park system with miles and miles of paths (very important because of, again, narrow twisty roads with no sidewalks), but the parks are all closed.

    So really, I don’t need to put on my shoes more than twice a week (take out the garbage Wednesday morning, bring the cans back Wednesday evening)

  8. Woke up to snow. And one heckuva wind chill factor because one heckuva north wind. I don’t have to go out, though. No dog to walk and I get to work from home.

    I’ve tried going for walks, but there are enough people not caring about the 1 meter rule that I find it more stressful to get fresh air than to stay in. I do walk for errands. I don’t have a car and have everything I need within a safe 10 minute walk from home. I’ve stuck with weekly visits to the grocery store where everyone is staying 2 meters apart except at the cash register (9_9).

    Did meet my lunch gang from work once for a picnic and it was good to see people in person, and have a conversation where video and sound lined up and didn’t lag. 😀

  9. Somebody pointed out that over the course of the past five days, New Jersey has passed through all four seasons including a little snow.

    And today we’re joining most of the Northeast in a windstorm that could take down trees. (EDIT: Just saw a photo of major road closed because of a downed tree)

    Having abandoned the concept of taking a walk (another downside: this town is nothing but hills: give me a ten-mile walk and I’ll do it without breaking a sweat, but subject my knees to a steep hill or a long flight of stairs…), I was hoping at least to spend time on the deck and getting some fresh air; but that hasn’t been much of an option.

  10. New Jersey and Norway are having the same kind of spring, I see.

    I had a knee issue last year so am familiar with the problem of hills. Nothing but hills where I live, too. And stairs. Hopefully, Spring will finally get the better of Winter now so we can sit outside.

  11. Winter and Mark: I’m pretty sure we’ve been given an extension this year. After all, if you’re filing paper returns, there’s no one there to process it until probably at least the beginning of May. At least in the processing center where I am. I know because I work for the IRS and have to check every day to see if I have to go to work today.

  12. Todd: That’s my understanding as well, which makes me confused what situation would make Mark an essential worker until April 15th.

    I just finished my taxes yesterday. I’m not sure whether it’s more correct to say that this is the latest I’ve ever done my taxes (just days before the 15th), or the earliest I’ve ever done it (3 months early, usually not even possible). I was planning to mail in a paper version, but your comment has me thinking I should switch to the online version, rather than having my paper version sit indefinitely in a backlog of paper mail. (I have a refund coming.)

  13. Congress may have extended the deadline, but Congress did not extend the employment contracts of the let’s just say second-place tax service’s seasonal workers. Nor did Congress extend said tax service’s contract with Wal-Mart. So on the morning of April 16, all of those kiosks in the Wal-Marts will be gone and I will be able to stay at home.

  14. I just did a 2016 return for a friend/client. (If she was not a friend – it would not have gotten done.) Her husband was ill (and later died) and they moved so they fell behind on tax returns. Two years ago I did their 2014 in time to file so their refund was not lost and also did 2015 and 2017. I have been annoying her all year to send me the info for 2016 so she does not lose their refund for same – as far as I understand the limitation that returns must be filed within 3 years of when the return is do or they get to keep the refund due has not been extended to July. I emailed the finished return to her on Sunday for her to print, sign and mail by Wednesday. Now I have 2018 and 2019 to prepare for her (missing info she has to send to me). I am not sure if she will get her emergency money from the Federal government if she does file at least one of them.

    Mostly the few clients I have are too dazed to get the info to me right now – one always files in October and I sent out extensions for him.

    Next up our corporation and then ours – not in a rush this year.

  15. I confess I have not worn a bra since March started and only put on shoes on the 3 days a week I go out to get the mail from the box at the front door.

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