1. A doughnut hole at first glance seems to have no calories. But we must look a little closer. And when we do, we see that the donut hole has a hole in its center – it is not a donut hole at all but a smaller donut with its hole and our donut is not a hole at all! And so it does have calories!

  2. @ Powers
    It would seem Winter Wallaby is appropriating a quote from Daniel Craig’s Kentucky-fried sleuth in the movie Knives Out.

  3. Off-topic but since billytheskink brought it up… It’s hard to express precisely how much I disliked Knives Out: I thought it didn’t know whether to be a mystery or a parody of a mystery, and therefore failed at both.

    (And of course there are examples of movies that succeeded in being both of a genre and a parody of that genre, but those are few and far between)

  4. Interesting – I thought it was perhaps the best movie I’ve seen in the last year (not that I’ve seen a lot).

    (BTW, the quote doesn’t make much more sense in context.)

  5. @CIDU Bill: Not seen Knives Out, but I know the kind of thing you mean. When one is telling a story, one must make a choice of what you’re saying and how you’re going to say it. Get wishy-washy and the end usually suffers. As you say, though, there are successful mash-ups. I think to do that right you need the creator to be respectful of, for example, both mystery and comedy. The ones that are just sneering mockeries are going to fail because they have no love for what they are parodying. A successful mashup is, I think Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

  6. Donut holes are both a physical empty space and a spherical treat (which will indeed have calories).

  7. Bill – Glad to know someone who else who did not like it – and I figured out who done it in the first scene before the crime even occurred.

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