1. “komodo” sounds nothing like “kombucha,” but I can see that if you’ve never heard of “komodo dragon” before, your mind just fills in the blank with something that only has a very slight sound resemblance. That’s certainly happened to me. Not sure why it’s funny, though.

  2. They sound enough alike. If you hear a word of three utterly alien syllables and try to repeat them when a memory hasn’t formed you can malaprop astonishingly. Friends did a joke about George Snuffleupagus and my step-father cracked up a waitress when he asked form that nice Muskrat Wine.

    My question is how on earth can any-one not have heard of a Komodo Dragon?

  3. Arthur, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that my comment was the height of eloquence and wit? Thank you!

  4. I was dragon my way through that one when I saw it the first time. Kombucha sounds like how a Spanish-German curls up.

  5. It’s a humor error I first saw pointed out by Isaac Asimov: puns work by the sound of words, not the appearance (for the hearing, anyway). His example was the “Polish” (the nationality) is not a good pun in place of “polish” (the action of making something shiny). This one is even worse.

  6. FYI @ zookeeper (and everyone else) – Andréa is OK, she’s just taking a break from comics for personal reasons.

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