1. Not sure I buy the synchronicity: the situations are both in the very broad category of “unwanted interactions” but are otherwise completely different. Chadwick is making a highly targeted sales visit, trying to sell the guru a chairlift so wisdom-seekers could reach him with no effort. The hare is being randomly accosted by a sidewalk activist with a clipboard.

  2. Similar enough for me. They’re not technically “the same joke” but they’re at least the same basic premise.

  3. Hmm, y’all may be right, that the guru doesn’t go anywhere, so a chairlift would be for use by the seekers who come to visit. But the sales guy would not necessarily have thought it out that far, and just sees the guru as a prospect because he has this climbing situation.

  4. P.S. @ CaroZ – Synchronicity is always a slippery concept whenever Andertoons is involved. None of the cartoons is ever dated: this one is #7630, and just happened to appear today. The archive is gigantic: at least 8600 cartoons, enough for 23 years if they were published once per day, although the first listing at GoComics is dated 1-Sep-2001.

  5. @Beckoningchasm: these last few years, I’ve noticed that solicitors for good causes now wear flashy vests; they stand out in crowds.

  6. P.P.P.S. Now that my comment @2 has been filched out of moderation, you can see the reason for the P.S.s @6 and @8 (& here @9). Does anyone else find Bug’s self-promotion as odious as I do? Adam made an announcement and has a big banner ad on his website, it’s not like he needed to contaminate the strip with it.

  7. @Kilby, re. Bug: actually, I think the comic has been but a shadow of its former self since it went from daily to every-other-daily (november 2016?). If all this advertising can get me the books I’ve been waiting for faster, I’m all for it. Good prospects for the first one, lets hope the next ones exist eventually.

  8. Another strip that seems to be in trouble is the Queen Victoria one (I can’t recall the actual extended title). He has been posting For Sale joke-notices within the strip, plus appeals for help via an actual Go Fund Me.

  9. @ Mitch4 – The author of “The New Adventures of Queen Victoria” is Pab Sungenis, who has been dealing with severe health and/or money problems for quite a while now. He may not be aware that passing the hat directly in the cartoon may permanently damage his readership, or perhaps he just doesn’t see any other options. QueenVic is a “xeroxed” strip (much like “That Is Priceless” or “Jesus & Mo”). Since there is little originality in the artwork, they are all utterly dependent on quality writing.

  10. I think Bug was still very good after the frequency change, but lost a lot of the originality after the baby arrived.

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