1. As always, you are tripped up by cats. Your statement is demonstrably false. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_raw_fish_dishes

    That said, I don’t think that anyone should be made to feel bad that they do not like or do not wish to try certain foods. I’ve been pretty adventurous when it comes to putting things in my mouth. It has not always ended well.

    Personal food peeve:
    When people give someone some very spicy food, lying and saying it is nice and they’ll like it, then laugh and laugh when the victim is surprised and distressed by the spiciness. They usually do this to someone they know does not like spicy food. Personally, I’m a fan of spicy food, but I’d never do this to someone. They’re entitled to make their own decisions. Same applies for misleading anyone into eating anything.

  2. Once, when visiting an aquarium, I saw some folks with a Golden Retriever. I think they were training him as a service dog. Anyway, he was watching the fish with rapt puzzlement. “I see creatures, moving, but I cannot smell them at all! What sorcery is this!

  3. Technically, SBill, “Only cats eat raw fish” had to be inherently untrue no matter what, since he eats sushi.

    But for the record, I didn’t think cats eat raw fish: my brother and I often communicate through cartoon/comic book metaphors that leave other people puzzled.

  4. I realized “cat eating raw fish” is hardly obscure, so let me follow up with a better example:

    A few years ago (long story) I developed a severe reaction to broccoli: I literally could not be in the same room with broccoli without feeling horribly ill. “Like kryptonite,” my brother said. “Well obviously,” I said. “But the weird thing is, when I’m in the same room with red broccoli, I grow a lion’s head.”

  5. How about when you let people know you hate fish, and you’re invited for dinner, and they’re like “I know you don’t like fish but you’ll LOVE it the way we make it.” This happened to a friend of mine who really cannot stand to eat fish. To be polite he cut off tiny pieces and swallowed them like pills. Fortunately he didn’t have to vomit until he was away from the house.

    “You think you don’t like fish because you haven’t had it done properly” is right up there with “You just think you don’t like sex. You’ll LOVE it with me.”

  6. I use to say: “I don’t like fish, except for when they still swim around in the water”. I don’t believe that I have even tried fish for almost twenty years! And sushi? Forget it!

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