1. Most people have more than one telephone number (home, work, mobile is common), so this does not seem like a crazy or particularly funny thing to say. Of course, if the customer left his mobile number, that will be unhelpful.

  2. I agree with Usual John, this seems like a perfectly reasonable person for the Customer Service worker to say.

    In the last panel, is the man glaring back because the worker has been unhelpful, or because he’s stupidly left the number of the phone that he’s lost?

  3. Hubby lost his phone; I called it, someone answered it and told us where it was. Easy peasy.

    Yeah, I first thought, ‘How dumb to leave his own number’, but then I realized, ‘Well, he could have left his spouse/companion/a friend’s number’ . . . but I don’t think that’s what he did.

  4. Andréa: Like Usual John said, he could leave a work number or a home number. Not everyone has one of those, but it’s hardly unreasonable to phrase the question as “your number,” and leave it to the customer to say if he needs to leave an alternative like a spouse’s number.

  5. narmitaj: You are, number six. But try giving that answer when they need to call you, and you’ll never get your phone back.

  6. I am always amused by the station message on our transit system to call BART police if your phone is stolen. Um … how? I’m not going to be at any of the places where I have another phone. Yeah, yeah, maybe some kind fellow passenger will let me use theirs, but there’s still a disconnect.
    Related rant [although unrelated to this comic]: Another message tells me that the yellow strip at the edge of the platform is a safety zone for my protection. NO! It’s an effing danger zone.

  7. There’s a number they want you to call if you see anything suspicious on the New York subways… but of course there’s no cell service down there.

  8. I left my phone at my parents’ house a few weeks ago – realized it when I was halfway home and went back. By the time I got there, they’d called me to tell me I’d left it – twice. And then groaned and hung up, of course, but… I don’t have any other phones (or a spouse), though they could have emailed me. But I mostly read my email on my phone, and go on the computer only every couple days. If, somehow, I had not realized I left my phone there, it could have taken a while for me to be contacted.

  9. But, jjmcgaffey, once you realized you didn’t have your phone, presumably you WOULD HAVE checked your email on your computer.

  10. larK: Answered and asked, number six.

    jjmcgaffey: Did different parents call, or did the same parent try to call you on your missing phone twice?

  11. There’s a number they want you to call if you see anything suspicious on the New York subways… but of course there’s no cell service down there.

    Sometimes there is. I have coverage over half the time. Limited experience, but that’s what I see.

    I have three numbers not counting my work line. I can receive calls on two of them with my computer(s) if my phone isn’t available, and I get voicemail from all three as email, so available from any of my devices.

  12. Before the iPhone was available on Verizon, I had a Motorola flip phone and used an iPod Touch as a PDA. I set up the iTouch lock screen to say “If found call” and my phone number. When I got an iPhone, I transferred everything to it. It took me about two hours before I realized that my new phone was recommending that a finder call the iPhone to help me recover it.

  13. At first I thought that in the last panel his phone was under his hat.
    Because …
    A woman who came for a visit and as she was about to leave she could not find her phone. She retraced all her steps through the house, stopping everywhere, looking on and in and under everything. No phone. She looked in the car. Not there.
    I dialed her number.
    Her left breast started vibrating.
    Yes, friends, as a person might put it in a pocket, she put it just under her collar. Resting on the part that on me is vertical but on her was horizontal due to her … endowment? Or whatever you want to call it.
    Now I’m not a woman so i don’t know but I have been told that that particular area is extremely sensitive, so how can it not report to the brain that a heavy object is bothering it?

  14. I’d say this one is “Hey, Millennials Comics!” tag. The joke is only really “funny” if you only have one phone number. Us older folks would have multiple contact numbers: office, home, mobile, spouse/other, etc. Only the youngsters would have just a single number. As is, it’s a bit of a chuckle, but falls apart when examined.

  15. I was missing my phone once. I called my carrier and had them activate the SIM card on my old phone. If anyone called my number it would go to my old phone. Assuming, of course, they did not try to do it from the (temporarily) deactivated phone.

  16. @ MiB – “…how can it not report to the brain that a heavy object is bothering it?
    Presumably because it is so used to the phone being there all the time.
    P.S. I’ve “lost” my glasses several times when they were pushed up above my forehead, and on a couple of occasions, when my daughter asked me where her glasses were, I was amused to be able to answer, “On your nose!

  17. Whenever my son leaves his phone at my house, I troll him by texting him, “You forgot your phone.” Then after he picks it up, I text him, “Did you ever find your phone?”

  18. I use one of those systems that relays SMS texts from cell phone to computer. So they could text me when they find the phone, and it would pop up on my computer.

    (It was a bit of a disappointment when I started with that, that the phone has to be turned on and fully functional, as the messages really are relayed. I sort of thought they could hook your computer into the SMS network.)

  19. SingaporeBill: I’m pretty sure many millenials have spouses and jobs with phone numbers as well.

  20. WW, I have read the papers. The Millennials are all doing fixie bicycle repair, delivering Uber Eats, and having avacado toast. They do not have the things we normals do.

  21. Like a house in the suburbs and the ability to wait until they go to town to do all their shopping?

  22. Bill – there is supposed to be cell service on the NYC subways – they put it in several years ago and I remember checking and I had service on what was then a Sprint phone. Don’t know if the service has been update to 4G or later or not.

  23. We each have a cell phone. We have a copper wire phone (about to lose same and have converted to whatever Verizon is using these days so it won’t work when the electricity is out – again). We have a Magic Jack line. We have a google number that rings to the house, one for my embroidery guild chapter that goes to same’s email, and had one for our reenacting unit that went to my cell phone (in case of calls while at events) but the new unit commander has that number now.

    Went to the movies one Saturday night and when we got home – Robert’s cell phone was missing. He looked online and it was at the movies. Went back and it was not in the parking lot and theater closed. Next day we had a reenactment event with a board meeting during the morning setup – and he was commander and had to be there plus the theater does not open until noon. What to do? We went to the event. After the board meeting I drove to the theater – in period clothing – and went in (left my cap in the van) and explained to the young woman at the sales window – I had been hoping for the older woman who knew us and was there Saturday nights. She told me to go in and look for it. I walked into theater and realized that my repro glasses had sunglass lenses in it and I could not see anything – did the only logical thing – I called his cell phone and found it and went back to the event.

    We make just about all our phone calls with my cell phone (I have unlimited and we have no included minutes on our house line). I will call and if they need to call me back I will give them the house number and explain that we screen calls and if they start talking we will pick up if home and if not to leave a message and I will call them back. So why do they call back on the cell phone number! Just had this with 3 different doctor offices for mom. I don’t answer the cell phone unless I know who is calling.

  24. “I don’t answer the cell phone unless I know who is calling”

    Me neither. When we’re expecting a call back from a doctor or somesuch, I ask them what number the’ll be calling from, and I put it in my contacts list.

  25. Merly: I’ve been in the process of unpacking things from years (and years) ago; two days ago, I came across all the brochures, etc., that I’d collected when I was there, including some Prisoner graphic novels. Let me know if Robert actually wants to go; I’ll go, too ‘-) Did you give him a looksee at the website?

  26. Andréa – He would love to go – but it is impossible for so many reasons. (We have trouble lately getting together a day trip to Lancaster, PA about 4 hours away and will not be going for Valentine’s Day as we thought we might.)

    He suffers from motion sickness – if he is not driving, we are not going – and there is no separate travel for either of us – so getting to the UK would be a bit hard. Budget is such that some short trips to Lancaster and maybe a trip to Colonial Williamsburg are about what what we can afford.

    There are a lot of places we would like to go, but, even excluding his air, train, bus, and car sickness – the opportunity to go to far away places is far behind us.

  27. “. . . the opportunity to go to far away places is far behind us.”

    Oh, for me, too, for years now. I’m glad I did all the traveling while I could.

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