1. Snowmen making snow is like Dr Frankenstein making artificial people. They would be playing God. At what cost? That’s the point — they don’t KNOW what cost. If they thought they could make snow, that would be hubris.

  2. While ianosmond has it, I note that the premise of the cartoon is a bit anomalous: Yes, the snow-maker would give them the ability to make snow, the very stuff of life (from their perspective), but they are already surrounded by snow. If they need more snow, all they have to do is to roll on the ground and it will accumulate on them.

  3. I’m with Usual John. If they want snow, it’s everywhere. If they want to create life, they would have to make more snowmen, which they can do with the snow on the ground.

  4. Oh, ye so limited in scope! Yes, snow is plentiful here and now. But with a snow maker they can break away from the chains of death and survive into the spring and even summer. Why they may live to see the would return anew, immortal and all powerful! Mad they call them!

  5. Woozy, snow-makers don’t work when it’s above freezing (or even when it’s slightly below, according to Wikipedia). But I guess it’s possible that the snowpersons don’t know that.

  6. Pretend there’s a CIDU tag here. My phone suffered a catastrophic failure and I can no longer use it to edit posts.

  7. OK, then ianosmand has it.

    Although, similarly to Usual John’s objection, the human parallel isn’t a machine that creates life, but a machine that can make flesh. Possibly useful for medical purposes, but not really god-like.

  8. Unless they also have machines that can make carrots, lumps of coal, and branches, any snowpeople they may create will be armless, blind, and unable to breathe.

    So much for the futility of their tampering in King Boreas’ Domain.

  9. I think woozy has it. At sufficient altitude it will be cold enough to use. They can use this to sustain themselves long after the natural snow has disappeared. What is a god if not immortal?

  10. Part of the humor, at least for me, is that the snowmen think that the limited power of a snowmaker would make them gods. Obviously they haven’t thought that their god-like powers would be limited by something mundane like spring temperatures.

  11. @ CIDU Bill – “a catastrophic failure and I can no longer … edit posts.
    Does that mean we will have to wait for you to return to your desk before moderated comments can be rescued?

  12. @ Andréa – There certainly is a difference. Inserting “as” (or “like”) acknowledges that even if they possess some godlike characteristics (or powers), they are not presuming that to have actually established themselves as snow gods.

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