1. Since we have some new readers, maybe somebody could post the original Kowalski comic? (Or was it a joke?)

  2. I think it was just a joke. Two gangsters are walking through the woods, and they come across Kowalski’s head. “Oh my God, it’s Kowalksi!” says one. “Nah,” says the other, “Kowalski was taller.”

    I think I’ve butchered the joke worse than Kowalski.

  3. The related one with the rowboats? You mean where they rented a boat to go fishing and found a spot where the fish were biting really well?

    “How will we ever find that spot again?”
    “I marked it by making a notch in the side of the boat.”
    “You idiot. How do you know we’ll get the same boat next time?”

  4. I don’t know about the hat floating on the pond but I know about the hat moving on the muddy road.

    You know about mud season in Vermont. The roads get so muddy that you don’t even want to take your car on them for fear of getting stuck and not getting out for a month. Well, this guy was sitting on his porch in Vermont when he noticed a hat in the middle of the road on the mud. He wondered, how did a hat get there?
    Then he noticed the hat was moving. Slowly and haltingly, but little by little it was moving on the road.
    So he went to investigate, and watched it move for a few minutes.
    He picked it up, and under it was Tut Tuttle the postman!
    He said, “It’s awfully deep mud to be out taking a walk today, ain’t it?”
    Tut said “Oh I ain’t afoot. I’m on horseback.”

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