1. The question mark in Bill’s title seems to imply “CIDU”, but the tag says “LOL”. I can see “creepy”, but I don’t really see any “funny”.
    P.S. That’s par for the course in “Liō”.

  2. It’s just like when you see an apple, in the grass, just lying there. You might wonder, “Where did this apple come from?” and then look around, seeing an apple tree nearby.

    “Of course, the apple tree! That makes sense! Now I feel silly for having wondered where the apple came from.”

    This is the same idea, but with the apple switched out for a human skull.

  3. J-L, that’s rather specific. And I have to say I have *never* experienced anything even remotely like that. Why on earth would I be confused about where a fruit came from?

  4. woozy: Well, we city slickers aren’t used to seeing a perfectly good apple nestled in the grass on the ground right in front of us.

    We’re used to seeing discarded pizza boxes and half-eaten hamburgers on the ground. But a fresh apple? Not so much. It’s an unexpected (and pleasant) surprise when we do see that.

  5. I thought the skulls were tied to the tree – not growing on it and he found one that either the tie had broken or was never tied on the tree.

    Then again, I am weird and in the psychiatric puzzle picture see the vase/candlestick and the faces simultaneously.

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