1. Given the direction in which the comments are sure to go, I’m surprised that this was not farmed off to the Arlo page.
    P.S. In case anyone doesn’t figure it out from the dates, this feature takes old comic artwork and subverts it with new dialog, similar to Melcher’s “That is Priceless”.

  2. It does all seem a bit confused. “Why is love so taxing?” is clear enough, in that love (especially unrequited) can be a burden that is draining emotionally even if not financially. A “Sex Tax” is unlikely but if it existed (or exists somewhere) would presumably be applied by a public authority. It could be a Thing along with Beard taxes, Window taxes, Property taxes and so on.

    But what is Woman 2 having to pay? Is Woman 1’s dad levying a financial Sex Tax himself, demanding money in return for offering up his body to service her needs? (Is she Wife, Client or Mistress or what? Is he Husband, Lover or Prostitute?) Is the government levying such a burdensome (literal, financial) Sex Tax on Woman 2 that she doesn’t have enough in the bank to pay the dad the monies he is due for some other reason? Is it perhaps, and this might be most likely, if rather unWoke and old-fashioned, that the dad demands sex (the Sex Tax) every night, which Woman 2 has to “pay” in terms of submitting to his physical demands (much to her displeasure) and if she doesn’t pay she will be out on her ear and unable to continuing living life in the Manor, to which she has become accustomed?

  3. I wonder if the creator actually thought this was funny, or was using this gender-reverse to point out that “I banged yo momma” jokes aren’t funny?

  4. “Sex tax” (or “gender tax”) is a way of referring to the fact that women and men have different financial expectations. Start with differences in wages, and then factor in things like how willing to negotiate on price a car dealership is whether the person buying the car is male or female. Contractors and car mechanics tend to inflate estimates for women, too.

    This comic is just taking a metaphorical term and treating it literally.

  5. @ Phil Smith III – Last Kiss has only shown up three times since CIDU moved to the new server, but both of the previous occurrences were much funnier than this one, and not subtle at all.

  6. You know, a creative english teacher (one not concerned with outraged parents) could have a writing exercise:

    Let’s write a joke: The word “tax” has two meanings. It can mean “a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions” or it can mean “a strain or heavy demand”. If someone uses the phrase “Sex is Taxing” it is clear the latter definition is meant. Your exercise: Write a joke where the the phrase “Sex is Taxing” is interpreted by the first meaning.

    Then given the exercise, of *all* the possible jokes, this result has to be one of the most awkwardly and badly worded and clumsily executed.

  7. Politician Gentlemen, we have to find something new to tax.
    Third Official If I might put my head on the chopping block so you can kick it around a bit, sir…
    Politician Yes?
    Third Official Well most things we do for pleasure nowadays are taxed, except one.
    Politician What do you mean?
    Third Official Well, er, smoking’s been taxed, drinking’s been taxed but not … thingy.
    Politician Good Lord, you’re not suggesting we should tax… thingy?
    First Official Poo poo’s?
    Third Official No.
    First Official Thank God for that. Excuse me for a moment. (leaves)
    Third Official No, no, no – thingy.
    Second Official Number ones?
    Third Official No, thingy.
    Politician Thingy!
    Second Official Ah, thingy! Well, it’ll certainly make chartered accountancy a much more interesting job.

    — Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Episode 15, “Tax on Thingy”

  8. I forget who it was who, when the word “syntax” was mentioned, said “Are they going to tax that too?”

  9. James Pollack – In our case it is all reversed as I am the financial end of our house. Yes, he did make more money than I after the first few years when I made more money, but I was the one who dealt with it and the reason he could quit his job at 55 (terribly burned out).

    I am the better at negotiating. Plus the two of us as a couple confuse them at the car dealerships. I am looking at the engine and he is looking at color charts. We were at some car dealer once and I mentioned something about some fees that are included for income for the dealer in the base price from the company and I thought the salesman was going to have a fit – and we did get a better deal than friends did. In another case I wanted a better price on the trade in and was told “you might drive it over X thousand miles before the new van arrives and then we can only sell it to the auctions so we can’t give you that trade in – I told him I guaranteed the car would be below that number of miles on the odometer or we would accept a lower trade in price and he was stuck and agreed – and you better believe we made sure that the car was under the mileage.

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