1. I don’t entirely get it. Is he asking the fisherman if he has oysters to buy them off him so he’ll be able to perform. Is he taunting the fisherman because he has oysters (and therefore the women) and the fisherman doesn’t. Does he want oysters to feed to the women to make them interested? If the women aren’t interested then how’d he get them on his boat in the first place?

    And as for fishing for oysters with a pole…..

  2. I kind of go with the “wants to buy the oysters”. Possibly the yacht owner doesn’t know how they are caught.

  3. @ Powers – The request for a known aphrodisiac implies that “hanky-panky” has been (or will be) going on in the strip. For a country in which a ridiculous “Nipplegate” initially resulted in a $500,000.00 fine, this is a “Nudge, nudge, say no more!” offense.

  4. “And as for fishing for oysters with a pole”

    He’s fishing for fish with a pole. But who knows what he was doing an hour ago? Might have been pearl diving. Doesn’t hurt to ask, seeing as how there’s nobody else in sight to ask…

  5. So… does he want the oysters for himself or the women? Are oysters supposed to be an aphrodisiac or a performance enhancer? How’d the schlubb *get* the babes onto the boat in the first place?

    I mean, I get the big picture but not how we are getting there.

  6. Old joke, featured in a Carry On film.
    Groom, to a friend the morning after: “Yeah, I heard about oysters. So last night I ate a dozen, but only seven of them worked.”

  7. Is no one going to point out that ‘oyster is sometimes visually used to represent ‘vulva’?

  8. Well, any bivalve mollusc will do. Oysters are mentionned in Eugène Labiche’s “Edgard et sa bonne”(=Edgar and his maid):
    Edgar: White ties! Always white ties! One looks like an oyster!
    Madame Beaudeloche: An oyster!… Edgar, remember you’re to become a notary.

  9. ” How’d the schlubb *get* the babes onto the boat in the first place?”

    He had a big boat. Some women will go for a dude who appears to be successful, regardless of how well he’s actually doing. If that’s the kind of women you want to attract, the mechanics of the process are not complicated.

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