1. The joke is “Ha, ha, kids today don’t know anything without their phone.”

    You might object, “That equally true of adults as kids.” Or you might object “It’s not important to be able to recognize actors.” All good objections! But I’m pretty sure that’s the joke.

  2. “You might object, ‘That equally true of adults as kids.'”

    I might object that there’s nothing in the oriiginal presentation that limits anything to “kids”.

    We live in an age when instant lookup of information is widely available. There’s no reason to accept not knowing something… unless, of course, something breaks down.

  3. Bill, I’m just saying that’s the joke, I’m not saying it’s funny.

    Your example is sort of different, though, because there’s a certain contingent that grumble about how back in their day, kids had memorized a bunch of stuff, but now they just don’t. No one complains that back in their day kids just knew the time by looking at the sun, but now they don’t.

    (Back in my day, when we couldn’t figure out who an actor on T.V. was, we would list a bunch of names, and eventually give up, unsatisfied. And we liked it that way!)

  4. I suppose *maybe* the joke is Baldo (or whoever the “What do you mean you don’t know” character is) is so used to the response to every question being “I’ll look it up”, that when someone actually answers with a simple”I don’t know” he has no idea how that is possible.

    Maybe? Otherwise that “What do you mean you don’t know?” is pretty damned rude.

    Still not that funny.

  5. “What do you mean, CIDU Bill, that you ‘don’t know what the joke is’? Can’t you look it up on your phone?

  6. Maybe the fat guy is the kind of guy who can’t stand not knowing stuff, so he look everything up so he always has the answer to every question. He is the go to guy for floppy-haired kid to get answers. Floppy-haired kid isn’t too swift and maybe doesn’t notice fat guy is looking up everything. So he is shocked that fat guy doesn’t know. It turns out that fat guy was looking up everything and didn’t really know it all. That’s funny! Well, it’s a joke at least.

    @Arthur: Yeah, yeah, technology makes everything worse, right? Don’t blame Google, blame the written word. Illiterate cultures have great memories. Remembering stuff is actually a job.

  7. “@Arthur: Yeah, yeah, technology makes everything worse, right?”

    That’s not at all what his link says.

  8. C’mon, I’m old too, but I HAVE looked up movies on IMDB while I’m watching them. Only at home. The other patrons in the theatre get upset when I pause the movie.

  9. Woozy is basically right, though I think the joke is that Baldo is so used to everyone having all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips that he’s just shocked by the response “I don’t know.”

  10. I’m 62 and I can’t remember actor’s names. I have to look them up on IMDB. So if my phone is dead I don’t know who’s in the movie.
    So why is that funny.

  11. WW, thanks for that correction. I’m glad to know someone actually read the article.

    Also, if you notice, it follows Betteridge’s law of headlines.

  12. Look guys, I’m not even old and I found this amusing. Just because you lot are permanently glued to your phones doesn’t mean everyone is.

  13. Just looked up an actor in “Let’s Make Love” while reading CIDU. Apparently one who did not want to go Hollywood and only made limited movies as a result.

    I recently set my old Blackberry to the monthly calendar. I never seem to know what day it is or the date any longer (not sure if that is aging or because too easy to look at or because they run together these days). I hate to get rid of things that mostly work – stopped using this phone when the phone connection went back and then the Internet connection went bad – but kept it as the camera is better than the one in my Android for photos of needlework taken on the kitchen table and a couple of games that I don’t have on my Android (or my Palm Centro which I still use around the house and on the trip with my Lotus Organizer on my computers) . I get annoyed when I turn on the Centro or the Android and then have to go looking for a calendar – problem solved. (The three move around the house with me and all 3 come on out of state trips, but the older two stay home day to day.)

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