1. The joke in the second I think is that, were we humans abducted by aliens, we would be treated the same way as we treat animals, which for us would be humiliating. Extending this to the bathroom adds to the humiliation.

  2. CoW: But why “You just had to ask about pee breaks”? Sure, I would hate to not be able to use a private enclosed toilet. But given that the aliens are going to treat me like an animal, I’d rather have pee breaks than not.

  3. Yeah the guy’s question is pretty odd, especially considering what their punishment might be if they go on the ship.

    For the first one, both fighters are number one in my book.

  4. “Like WW said: why is he rebuking her?”

    Literary license.

    The joke is that they are abducted by aliens and treated like pets on a pee break (I distinctly chortled out loud at it). She needs a caption to explain it. “You just had to…” is a fine traditional motive for comics. That it literally doesn’t make sense if you think about it doesn’t distract from the humor.

    I’m kind of reminded of a New Yorker cartoon from the 40s. Two explorers in pith helmets are in a cannibal cooking pot (yes, I *said* it was from the 40s) and one of them says to the other “At least we aren’t in the salad” and cartoon depicts a giant salad bowl being tossed with giant implements while one explorer is being tossed in the air with an annoyed expression. The entire joke (which just about all four of the people reading the cartoon thought was funny) was the visually absurdity of a giant salad being tossed and a person in it for the ride…. Now if you think about it; would you rather be indignantly tossed about with giant wooden fork and spoon, or boiled alive? So why would he be expressing gratitude for not being in a far less painful situation?

    Literary license.

  5. woozy: It distracted from the humor for me, because I mostly just wondered why the guy was complaining.

    I think you’re right as to what the humor was supposed to be, but the cartoonist could have explained that they were getting a pee break with any number of captions, and retained all the humor of a couple on leashes having to pee in public: “time for another pee break,” “at least we get a pee break,” or “for this pee break, would you like to [NSFW, deleted]?”

  6. I was going to say it’s about unintended consequences — she didn’t anticipate that a general question about pee breaks would result in an immediate stop in this uninviting environment. But other posters here have a good point — what’s his complaint, what does he suppose she should have done differently?

  7. Perhaps if they had asked to use the loo on board, like real people, they’d have had some sort of privacy cubicle. But by asking for a “pee break” their handlers assume they want to scamper around outside a bit, get some fresh vacuum, and in this scenario they are forced to pee in the open, in front of not only each other but also their handler and the perverted gurning loon staring out through the window.

  8. Granted “at least we get a pee break” would have been the *MUCH* better caption.

    But I’ll admit I chortled and thought it was funny and didn’t realize it made no sense for him to chastise her until you pointed it out.

  9. woozy, when you mentioned the explorers in the cooking pot I just mentally combined it with the pee break and made my own caption: “The joke is on them. I’m taking a pee.” Any cartoonists reading this may feel free to use this joke and don’t even try to credit me for it.

  10. Opinions: would the Rhymes With Orange be funnier without a caption (and maybe different expressions on the faces of the humans)?

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