1. I am not a baseball fan, but I really enjoyed the Blue Jays game I went to. It is so much more interesting in person than on TV. I stayed all 12 innings.

    Actually, I found that to be the same for basketball and hockey, too.

  2. @CIDU Bill: So if they sent you IBB’s season tickets, you wouldn’t go to a game?

  3. Well, I’ve never been to T-Mobile Park so if I were in the area, I’m sure I would go to a game. But I doubt I’d make any real use of his season tickets.

    Besides, IBB’s season tickets would probably be in Milwaukee.

  4. “No, that’s the other Bill Bickel who cares about the Mariners.”

    OK, the A’s are 0-2.

  5. The point isn’t how awesome the Mariners are (or will be), the point is that the “first pitch” is some distance in the past.

    (I don’t really give a darn, or two hoots, or even one hoot, about baseball. The only reason I care about college baseball is that my dear old alma mater is the reigning college champions of baseball. And… that’s not enough to make me watch college baseball.)

  6. James, as far as I’m concerned the season begins with the firs pitch in the Yankees’ season and ends with the final out. IBB’s welcome to do the same for the Mariners on his own website.

  7. @CIDU Bill: Wow, a *Yankees* fan, who hates pineapple on his pizza . . . sigh . . . and I used to think you were such a nice guy. . . .

  8. If the Mariners pitchers don’t produce at least a little better this year, the stadium’s new nickname will be T-Ball park, not T-Mobile.

  9. I’d be kind of surprised if there were a Yankees fan that liked pineapple on pizza.

  10. ” IBB’s welcome to do the same for the Mariners on his own website.”

    That guy’s in your head, dude.

  11. “James, am I the one who brought up Seattle???”

    No, but you’re the one who brought up IBB. I didn’t mention either one.

  12. Brian, Yankees fans tend to be New Yorkers. And New Yorkers take pizza kind of seriously.

    That was my point, Was that not clear? Of course, they aren’t very adventuresome in their pizza either. They think they know what pizza should be and don’t like to deviate. Which I understand, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to that as well.

    Is now a good time to discuss bread-sliced bagels? That has many New Yorkers in a tizzy.

  13. “They think they know what pizza should be and don’t like to deviate.”

    There’s pepperoni pizza, which is right and good and proper, and there’s other kinds of pizza, which is a heresy and a direct insult to God.

  14. @CIDU Bill: Does that mean there is/was also no logic to a contest between two politicians, such as [Redacted} and {Redacted], since they were also “really too different”? And yet somehow the contests happened/keep happening. . .

  15. Shrug, they were competing for the same office. New York-style pizza and Chicago-style pizza are different enough that they’re two different things. It would be like trying to decide whether the Yankees or the Bulls were the better team.

    Your comparison would apply better if we were comparing John’s pizza and Bleecker Street pizza to determine which was the better New York-style pizza.

  16. When Robert was in graduate school a bunch of his friends decided to go to a Mets game at Shea (for those not in this area – it is cheaper to see the Mets at Shea than the Yankees at Yankee Stadium as one does not have to pay a usurious toll to get off of Long Island to go there). I was invited along. Husband, despite not being a sports fan, had gone to a number of Yankees games as a boy including 2 World Series games as his dad would get invited for business reasons (hey, let’s both bring our sons). I had never been to one – have I ever mentioned I have a fear of heights?

    I should have been suspicious when Robert said the tickets were $3. Getting me up to the seats was hard enough. If one of his friends was not 6 ft tall and rather heavy and walked in front of me coming down from the seats, I might still be there with my eyes closed. (On another occasion Robert, the heavy set fellow and some of the others were going to a hockey game – never got there – a plane crashed on its way to land at Kennedy airport.

    Sports and us do not get along.

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