1. The PBF looks like an Edward Gorey drawing. I don’t get it either, but I like it, just as I like Gorey’s work. And for once, I like Buni, too.

    I hope that, even tho they aren’t considered synchronicity, DEATH comics will still be posted, as I like to see them.

  2. I agree with Andréa: Not only was Death “thwarted” (because the kid survived), you can see from the kid’s smile that it really enjoyed the ride, and would probably like to do it again.
    P.S. I follow a number of comics that publish only on weekdays, or only on weekends, and in such cases I think +/- one day should count as synchronicity, but Bill tends to prefer an exact match. In contrast to that, I personally think that reruns shouldn’t count for synchronicity at all.

  3. I think the PBF might even be referencing a specific Gorey. But, yes, you’re expecting something tragic, but it turns out to be just a fun ride.

  4. The PBF is titled “The Douleurs of Death.” Death is sad that his attempt to kill a baby did not succeed. The comic references a famous sequence in Eisenstein’s film Battleship Potemkin, which shows a harrowing descent of a baby carriage down the steps in Odessa. https://youtu.be/ec4J363Eltw

  5. Thanks for the clarification on the (non)-CIDU.

    So we should stop worrying about your intellectual capacity declining through the years…


  6. There is an old saying that may apply: “God helps three kinds of people: fools, children, and drunkards.” Then again, maybe it is just showing that the baby liked the ride and wants to go again. He appears to be clapping happily.

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