1. Well, that’s pretty much the *only* thing cats say (so far as humans can hear). But the CAT knows what it means, and if we’re too STUPID to read its mind and interpret any one specific “meow” in the intended AND PERFECTLY OBVIOUS way allegedly being communicated, it’s OUR fault.

    (I’m assuming the cat is relating an instance of talking back to its human — if in fact it’s telling a story of talking back to another cat or some other critter, then I got nothing — or, as my cat Fenwick might put it, I got “Meow.”)

  2. As cats do that all the time and they mean some form of telling their owners off, that would mean this comic strip is saying 1) that cats like to brag about telling their owners off 2) cats are impressed by this and think its gutsy even though they all do it all the time and 3) this is funny.

    As a cat owner I can say…. these are all true. So I conclude this is a funny strip.

  3. Only people who don’t have cats think that cats only meow. Cats can make over 100 sounds (dogs can make about 10) and you learn (or regret not learning) what many of them mean.

  4. Chak — I am not sure that I’ve EVER heard a cat meow. My wife says that she was at a cat show once, and one of the purebred showcats gave out an absolutely perfectly enunciated “meow” that it was so clearly a “meow” and not anything else that it caused her to question whether anything else she’d heard before or since really qualified as one. “Mew”, I’ve definitely heard, but I think that most of our cats’ sounds are variations of chirrups.

  5. This one also touched on men of means sitting in the parlor bragging about their life’s experiences. Like the old Commander McBragg cartoons. Only thing missing was the cigars or huge pipes.

  6. ianosmond, I’ve heard a variety of sounds, but then, I have 5 indoor and a feral colony outdoors. Funny thing: we can tell which are the truly feral and which are the abandoned pets because the ferals never talk. We do have one abandoned pet who yowls loudly if we’re late with her food. 🙂

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