1. On Halloween, trick-or-treaters want candy. Just candy. No one wants to get carrots, broccoli florets or anything considered “healthy” (apples being a possible exception).

  2. Gunther is trying to do the responsible thing and provides a nice, wholesome snack for Halloween.

    But seriously, how many trick-or-treaters will appreciate that? They want sugar, and knowing that, Les is sparing the kids from their disappointment by scaring them away.

    The kids don’t get the carrots, and Les gets to scare people. It’s a win-win situation.

  3. BIG NATE (a strip I generally strongly dislike) has also been doing a mildly amusing “healthy snacks are a bad, bad idea” joke sequence this week. (Nate is convinced his father’s intention to give such out — again — this year — will get their house trashed — again — this year.)

    I have a vague memory of a story of someone giving out religious tracts instead of any sort of snack, telling the kids that these are far more valuable to their eternal life than any nasty old candy, but I can’t recall if it was in a comic strip or other fictional setting or if it was a report from “real life.” In either case, I’d say that rates even below baby carrots, kale, etc. as a “treat.”

  4. This is another “uh…. yes” answer.

    I think there is a bit of a difference between “uh…yes” and a “is that all there is”. “Is that all there is” the joke is usually very thin. This joke is very very thick.

    We had a dentist who gave out tooth brushes and and toothpastes. Our reaction was… we were impressed by the strategy… Admittedly we learned to skip him if we were in “race” mode but most years we weren’t. I think my best friend and I were weirdos who were overylogical and thought it’d make sense that a dentist would want to do this.

    My mother used to get cheap bulk candy of butterscotch and candy drops and these disgusting sesame candies. I thought she did it because she was cheap and I never knew how to approach her and tell her the kids (myself included hated them). I found out later she knew the kids didn’t like them but she did and she wanted something that would minimize interruptions to her night while she ate sesame candies which were an indulgence for her.

  5. The last butterscotch hard candy (or it may have been root beer barrel) I ate cost me $50,000 in dental work. A VERY EXPENSIVE piece of ‘free’ candy!

  6. Also, are baby carrots now sold in small sealed packs, suitable for giving out one per kid, unopened? Because if he bought them in bulk and washed / packaged at home, careful parents will toss them out at post-tirckortreat inspection at home.

  7. Yes, baby carrots are sold in small single-serving sealed packs these days. Not every grocery store carries them, but many do.

  8. I had every crown removed, cavities repaired, crowns replaced. Two teeth pulled; three implants, including grafting. One bridge, with a painted-on pawprint. Veneers. I don’t know what else they did in there; I DO know everything but the kitchen sink seemed to be put into my mouth in a year’s worth of work.

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