1. Bathing works, but I distinctly remember our daughter’s first Spaghetti dinner with sauce. She wore nothing but a diaper and a red bib (see I was thinking about stains). Then it was straight up to the bath tub. Worked, but there was an orange ring around the tub that I had to clean off afterward. Hadn’t anticipated that!

  2. I suppose it depends on what the food is. Or drink, but if the kid is young enough to need a bib, the liquid is probably still in bottles or sippy cups. Having kids is wonderful, but I am rather glad that I don’t have to worry about these issues anymore.

  3. Bill, you’re assuming he actually *means* ‘after they eat’. I suspect what he really meant was ‘after they eat/poop/fall in a mud puddle’.

  4. Only time I was ever faced with the “must have a doctor’s note if you take a sick day” situation was sine years ago when support staff at my university went on strike, and at least my department (the library) and possibly others worried that disgruntled professional staff (such as myself) might call in pretend-sick in solidarity with them.

    It only occured to me some time later that since the ruling just said one had to have a “doctor’s note” rather than a “physician’s note,” that we could have tried asking one of the sympathetic colleagues with a Ph.D. to write such notes for everyone. But perhaps we weren’t quite *that* disgruntled.

  5. I’m with Kilby for my kids – what the waterproof bibs catch is often a bowl of cold cereal poured out for fun, so a t-shirt is of limited use. I was given full-body bibs (they have long sleeves!) by a friend, who said she wasn’t actually sure it had been a good gift, because they never needed bibs for their son at all. My son, on the other hand, periodically needs to get hosed down despite using said bib.

  6. Well, I can only speak for the two boys I successfully raised to adulthood using t-shirts as full-bodied bibs. As with any parenting tip, it depends on your particular kid.

    I did have occasion to hose down my older son, though, and I have to admit it was fun.

  7. Seems to me the doctors note requirement could be self-defeating if employees have health insurance through the company: it’ll just cost the company more in the long run.

  8. I apologise Bill – I was trying to be more clear that my experience was that it was very child-dependant.

  9. Regarding doctor’s notes: this site is always prone to thread drift, but it’s alarming how often they drift entirely into another thread.

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