1. The guy wore a sequined shirt somewhere there was a dress code. Work, a fancy restaurant, something like that. They tried to tell him he was in violation of the dress code, but he made them check and there was nothing about sequins. Presumably, the shirt met other restrictions, like buttons, collar, arm length, etc. So he won and got to keep wearing his sparkly shirt.

    I’m guessing this is a CIDU where the answer is “Yes, Bill, that really is the whole joke.”

  2. DemetriosX, what we really need is something like a “Yes, Bill, that really is the whole joke” emoji. Like a resigned shrug of the shoulders.

  3. Interestingly, he actually drew every sequin on by hand, that’s not a screen tone or computer fill.

  4. Oh, okay, so he does have sequins on. I thought it might be the contrary story – – he wasn’t admitted somewhere because he didn’t have sequins, which are required by their dress code. Even though they couldn’t point it out in the printed version.
    Yes, absurd. But so is the correct one, a bit.

  5. Comic is VERY small . . . hope that isn’t a portent for the future . . . of CIDU comics, that is. (“Sequins? I can’t see no steenkin’ sequins!”)

  6. I thought this was good. But it may be because of a former coworker. The dress code mentioned a number of things that were not allowed, like shorts and t-shirts. He would say that it doesn’t say anything about speedos.

  7. I can’t help wondering where he is wearing the shirt and sneaking it past the dress code – work – what kind of work – for some it would be good as it would attract attention to him, reenactor? – I have to tell Robert to add no sequined shirts to the list of appropriate clothing for the 18th century, church? funerals? Disneyland? Probably not a good idea for a Weight Watchers meeting – the sequins will add weight at his weigh in. 🙂

  8. ” He would say that it doesn’t say anything about speedos.”

    I think he would find that management considered “speedo” to be a subcategory of “shorts”.

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