1. Making up a new permission as needed is a little off from the venerable tradition of House Rules. But the latter, even though they needn’t be written down, do have to be mentioned to guests at the start of the game.

    How many of you also had a “kitty” in the middle of the board, where taxes and fines from Chance and Community Chest would be paid? It can be collected by landing on Free Parking.

  2. I don’t see them, but I know the “free” version of this hosting might show ads. In a few days, once I see that everything’s working smoothly, I’ll switch to one of the premium plans, and the ads will disappear. That’s also when I can start the process of restoring the comicsidontunderstand.com address.

  3. When I was in college they had an “official” Monopoly competition at the school and being an avid fan I competed. The people running the competition did not know that the kitty in the middle (which I did not know about until I was grown – we never did that at my house) was not an official rule and one of the tables had it. So they came around and said that each table had to do that once to make it fair.

    No I did not come in anywhere near winning.

    These days I stick to playing the computer with my DOS version of Monopoly.

    Glad to be back even if temporary “housing”

  4. That house rule for “Free Parking” fees is so common that new editions of Monopoly include specific instructions in the rules that forbid it.

  5. I definitely do NOT like the “threaded” reply feature in this temporary implementation. Yes, it does permit a reply to be placed right next to the comment that led to the response, but in the (very) long threads that CIDU tends to produce, this kind of “inserted” reply will mean that readers will have to review the entire thread to find all the new comments, instead of just the end of the list.

  6. No, I think dvandom is explaining that in the last panel of the first cartoon (Cleo? I’ve never seen it before), all(?) the characters are quoting from insurance ads; I can’t confirm this, I haven’t watched commercial TV in aeons. In either case, I am not seeing any ads on these pages.

  7. (from my phone)

    Good point. Ameliorating the situation is that (1) I think they do limit the depth, and (2) the “Recent Comments” list would respect global order.

  8. I’m not loving the thread nesting either, especially since it makes reading discussions on my phone almost impossible.

    I’ll change that setting later on today.

    Hey, this is only Day Two: we’re still in beta!

  9. Well if you’re not absolutely holding off from customizations, I would say the most urgent ones would be to add Recent Comments and Recent Posts lists to the sidebar.

    In case you haven’t been looking in that section lately, I’ll mention it’s arrived at by pressing Themes, then Customize, then Widgets, finally Add a Widget.

  10. Theme is actually #1: until I find one that can accommodate most comic strips WITH a sidebar, I have noplace to put things like Recent Comments and Recent Posts.

  11. Well, that sounds like you expect them to disappear from the layout when you change themes later, meaning that it would be wasted work now to activate them. However, for the most part any theme that has sidebar will automatically embrace the widgets etc that you added into sidebar in a previous theme. (Also, if your current theme has sidebar at all, adding those two widgets is a trivial task, compared to good theme shopping. So it makes sense to prioritize the very easy job that will please readers.)

  12. Say, how ’bout just trying Twenty Fifteen, it’s not going to be great for the long run but it will accommodate what you need for now.

  13. These days I stick to playing the computer with my DOS version of Monopoly.

    It’s not likely, but I wonder if that’s the one that I and my
    brother wrote decades ago and released as freeware. I think the
    last one was written in compiled BASIC.

  14. I think the miscommunication is in my misunderstanding what you’re saying about what’s holding you back. Maybe it’s this: I didn’t hear your reluctance to switch themes again and again, because that might be a big deal to do. But I see it in terms of picking from what they offer, and it all taking place on WordPress — so there is none of that old download and upload nonsense.

    Also, themes with sidebars are a dime a dozen. NOT of course themes with sidebars and all the right stuff you will eventually want. But there is less work invested than it may seem, since many, maybe most, customization settings carry over nearly intact when you later on switch themes again.

    Yes, Twenty Fifteen is the name of a theme. (Guess when it was the featured release.) If you have activated Premium plan it will be free, and also I think with Personal. Just search by name in the “What kind of theme are you looking for” field. As I said, it is nothing special, but has a sidebar and some open space. I installed it at https://wpdemos.blog/ to see how it behaves.

  15. Speaking as somebody who last did this a long time ago — particularly by Internet standards — I find the process of choosing themes infinitely simpler now.

    And modifying an existing theme, even more so: when I tried to make a small change to my theme twelve years ago or whenever, I literally broke my site.

    (and then flash-forward to 2018 when GoDaddy broke it so it couldn’t be put back together; which is irrelevant to this discussion, but I’m still bitter)

  16. Arthur – I am starting it running. It is a pif fi. cga/ega/tandy/hercules choice of graphics.Leisure games – oldest copyright date shown is 1984. Does that help any? It was not freeware when I got it.

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