Under the Zowie Moon (Arlo Page)

(The editors at the CIDU site do not have access to the former “Arlo Pages” site at https://arlopage.wordpress.com/ — but please do see Bill’s note on the front page there.)

Now for a CIDU: This confusing Lay Lines was spotted and discussed in email by our own Zbicyclist:

What zbicyclist points to as making this hard to understand is contradictory clues as to whether she’s digging a new hole, starting (as one does) from the top; or emerging from the earth by digging her way out, using a shovel she perhaps was buried with? Or maybe she’s tunnelling out of a prison?

(Why relegated to an Arlo Page? Not at all patently offensive, but potentially NSFW — she’s fully nude, and no areas completely hidden, even though tasteful and “artistic”.)


  1. If she has magical powers (as shown in the final panel), the why did she need a shovel to do the digging? Or is that the whole point of the strip?

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