Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 20th, 2022

I was thinking of this as a CIDU until I saw a comment at GoComics suggesting they are collecting signatures on a petition — for a candidate or for a ballot measure, we can’t say. The car does put them outdoors. Certainly there are still questions, but can we ask all to refrain from objecting to the co-occurrence of the “(Not a CIDU)” category for the LOL listing post and a stray “CIDU” categorization for the lingering doubts of this cartoon?


A Sad-LOL fer shure:

Hard as snails

A CIDU from Dirk the Daring.

The BOB MANKOFF PRESENTS: SHOW ME THE FUNNY (ANIMAL EDITION) feed on Comics Kingdom seems to stick with some kind of animal for a week or two, then move on to a series with another kind. After a good run of ostriches, they have moved on to snails. I’m hoping for a visual to go with “Look at that S-Car go!”.

50 years ago in The New Yorker: October 1972

Cartoons in The New Yorker are famously obscure. Time passing may further obscure them, but also provide a patina of remembrance. With this in mind, I present a selection from October, 1972.

How is this different from what I did for decades — stand on a train platform, waiting for the morning train to the city?

Now that we can use Google to investigate our symptoms, is this worse?

No clue.

Way Cool?

I remember my many years with window A.C. units, and remember the fall struggles to get them out (easier, though, than the spring struggles to get them in). But is there a joke here? None of the family members ever found my request for help with this task funny.

Could this also be a geezer alert? I think current units are better conditioned for winter, so they are commonly left in all year. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

Shouldn’t his brow be knitted?

Kenneth Berkun sends in this puzzler from the New Yorker.

The joke would be simpler to understand if we had the inbox with yarn and the outbox with garments with a knitting grandmother in the middle. Then the joke would be that the knitter was treating her hobby as if she was (still) in an office.

So, the CIDU question would be why put it in a business office context? Why does the businessman have that deer-in-the-headlights look? Why, if he has the status to get a window office with such a nice view of the skyline, does he have so many pens, and why are they in his suitcoat?  Or, are these details just because Roz Chast probably hasn’t spent much time in a business office (lucky her)?

And should the presence of the inbox and outbox pair be a geezer alert? I don’t think I had an outbox since the mid-1990s, and my physical inbox didn’t have much in it.


Previously (in ) we explored the precedence of flutter-by before butterfly — to the surprise of many, including me.

Recently Andréa noticed: “BTW – I don’t know if it’s because of Monarch Butterfly Migration Season, or what, but have YOU noticed a plethora of caterpillar-to-butterfly jokes? I think I’ve seen 15-20 in the past week.”

Then almost immediately after seeing her mail, I ran across this from David Borchart in “Bob Mankoff presents: show me the funny (animal edition)” at Comics Kingdom:

Further … we went looking for more, and Andréa took a look for the ones she had encountered. And we all realized it had not been a widespread phenomenon from multiple sources, but an obviously conscious and intended series from the (don’t hold your breath for the duration of this title) “Bob Mankoff Presents: Show Me The Funny (Animal Edition)” people.

Nonetheless, no reason not to share their accomplishments with the CIDU crowd!

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, September 11, 2022

Chemgal sends in this reminder that there might be a few syndromes not in DSM-5.

Thanks to John Reubens, who says “Thought this was clever. Made me LOL. 1880s version of unfriending? 🙂 “

Ran into this Liz Climo on Facebook; it doesn’t seem to be on GoComics, nor on her own site.

This is the funniest comic I’ve ever seen that seems reminiscent of the quadratic formula, although it doesn’t get the coefficients and exponents quite right.