1. I think the idea is simply that an oversize jersey is fundamentally incompatible with track & field outfits, which are generally extremely small (not necessarily tight, but cut to just barely cover all of the naughty bits).

  2. @ Maggie – This is a long-standing tradition around here: one person’s LOL is another’s CIDU. Bill Bickel frequently posted comics as CIDUs, even when he sometimes revealed (in the post’s title) that he probably understood what was happening in the comic. In many cases he was simply looking for confirmation or a second opinion.

    P.S. The idea that “everyone” does (or should) know something is the point of the classic XKCD comic “Ten Thousand“:

  3. Well, Kirby, one of the things Bill did was if you sent him what you thought was a CIDU but he thought was too obvious, he would explain to you what the joke was and it would never be posted. I had that happen a few times and it usually ended with me thinking “how did I miss that, now I get it.”

  4. Unca $crooge, we still do some of that, too.

    It’s just for the LOLs (and maybe the OYs too, mostly) that we do unchallenged acceptance, apart from matters of good taste. If somebody says they cackled at some cartoon, we’ll take them at their word and drop it in a list-post.

  5. @ U.$. – That’s very true: Bill defused a number of my suggested CIDUs, and he rejected virtually all of my synchronicity candidates. It sometimes seemed odd to me that he could (so often) correctly recognize the overlooked detail in a reader’s CIDU submission, and then turn around and post a CIDU of his own that seemed incredibly obvious to everyone else.

    P.S. Of course, an explained CIDU might be a worthy candidate for the Sunday Funnies, but those are usually in good supply. When the queue is short, it’s usually the CIDUs that are scarce.

  6. My take was that if he tried to run in that sort of oversized shirt, he’d immediately trip and fall.

  7. Short (5’1″) and fat here. Most of my clothing fits not so different from the cartoon fellow’s clothing. My sweatshirts have to be cuffed so I can see my hands and double cuffed to use them. Last pair of “petite” jeans I bought – needed to be shortened by 9 inches – and it is suppose to be for 5’1″ and under?

    And I try very hard not gain more weight to grow into them. (Okay, my shirts are not long enough to trip over.)

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