1. The blender may be taken aback at a “mixed” couple, from different cultures (bathroom and yardwork), unlike their own kitchen-only couple.

  2. I think the blender is worried because despite their uniform (kitchen) heritage, it and the toaster have completely different interests (outside of the occasional British “white bread sauce”), whereas although the hair drier and leaf blower come from completely different backgrounds, they are united by their interest in “blowing hot air”.

  3. The couple on the right both like to blow stuff, presumably including, in this context, each other. The couple on the left do different things: one likes toasting stuff until it is (potentially) completely dried out unto carbonisation, the other likes blending stuff until it is liquid, and neither is what either could do together or to each other.

  4. All four like electricity, if that’s an electric-powered leaf blower.

    Electricity is what they all like to eat. Them being in a restaurant makes me think of things to eat. But I think they are talking about what they like to do. They all process things, in a way, but there’s not much that you process in a blender that you might also process in a toaster, and vice versa.

  5. Actually, one thing that helps in a marriage is liking to do different chores. For instance if one likes cooking and the other likes doing taxes and paying bills.

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