1. I think I commented when the “Guess why” strip appeared: I learned in therapy 50 years ago that line should never be used on a spouse. The game should be shredded, along with the mindset of the inventor and the buyer.

  2. I wonder if the child is included in the game, either as an independent third factor or teamed with one of the adults. From the exspression on her face she might be on the answer-holders team and not the guess-making team.

  3. If it were French rather than Italian at issue, maybe he ordered “haricots [verts]” and pronounced it very Anglicised, resulting in haircut.

  4. @ deety – Nice idea. Perhaps he did order exactly that (in French), but he either did it so poorly, or she is so clueless that she thought it was Italian.

  5. I am presuming from Bob Ball’s comment that this is real game?.

    Hmmm, would say that generally either of us knows why the other is angry with them, but it is rare that same occurs . He does know I am not happy with him wanting to be with me all the time. Me in the kitchen on laptop and him upstairs on his desktop computer are about as far apart as we get these past 3 years and before that I would go once a month to my embroidery meeting and towards the end one day a month to a client (currently she is mailing her info to do her business taxes as not going into Manhattan for now due to Covid plus other reasons).

    And if one of us is upset with the others no resolution is needed – it just passes quickly.

  6. As to the” Knightlife” – my problem is that my relatively small fingers have trouble hitting the right “button” on my “new” phone. Since I started out with a Palm Centro , followed by a Blackberry, followed by a smaller android – I am not sure why I only have this problem with the current phone – which is the largest in size/button area by at least 25% over the lat phone and double the size or more of the two earlier ones.

    As to screen size – it is no easier to read than any of the 3 prior ones with their smaller screens.

  7. @ Meryl – I think Bob’s comment was rhetorical, the game exists only in the comic strip shown above.

  8. It’s a real game in the sense that it could be, and probably is, in Eric Berne’s 1964 bestseller “Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships.” Other games are “See What You Made Me Do” and “Why Don’t You — Yes But”.

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