1. What I really don’t understand is why cartoonists think that adding an ugly, silent “dingbat” to their strips would even remotely improve the quality of the humor. At least with Oliphant’s “Punk” or Toles’ “draftsman”, there was some verbal interaction that added to the meaning of the cartoon. Boffo’s “lump” and Close to Home’s “bug” are just an annoying waste of space.

  2. The new kid is claiming to be Captain America’s nephew. He is not Captain America’s nephew.

  3. Usual John has it. Captain America had a sidekick named “Bucky”, but he was not a relative, at least not in any of the “major” story lines, and it really isn’t worth reading all the details. This kid is a liar.

    P.S. The depth of the retroactive alterations made by comic book publishers to reconcile myriad ideas by a host of authors into a consistent “canon” is both awe-inspiring and repulsive. Why can’t they simply admit that they were just cheaply produced, ephemeral products of their age, instead of trying to find reasons why everything would still “fit”?

  4. I get similar reactions when I mention that I’m Beyonce’s personal trainer and dance coach. People are SOOO skeptical these days.

  5. @ El Cucui – The connection would be a definite possibility, but only on other websites. Following onto Bill’s tradition, and in the interest of civility, CIDU prefers to avoid politics.

  6. @ Mark M – It’s not a big laugh, just the contrast between the two viewpoints. It might have worked a little better if the third dialog balloon had just the single word “…right…“, but somehow stretched, to indicate a long, slow, extended (sarcastic) realization (that the little blond kid is completely deluded).

  7. If Captain America had a nephew, he would be the child of one of Captain America’s siblings. Cap was a teenager in 1941, so his siblings are likely of similar vintage, and thus, Captain America’s nephew is a baby boomer/geezer in 2023, not a child of perhaps 10 years. Captain America was frozen in ice for 50-some-odd years, recall, so his nephews are older than he is.

  8. Captain America’s nephew would presumably be too honest to lie, and therefore would say he was Captain America’s nephew. The blond kid is either stating the comically quasi-reasonable inverse that anybody who says he’s Captain America’s nephew must be telling the truth; or suggesting that such a grand claim is so easily checked that somebody must have done so already.

    George Santos got as far as he did because friends and foes thought nobody, especially a presumably vetted candidate, would invent such easily debunked stories.

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