1. My question about Macanudo by Liniers, the “Let’s not” joke, is does it work in Spanish? (The Instagram account has not been updated in nearly a year.) I do not speak Spanish (or read, more precisely) but I wondered whether the joke would work in the artist’s original language.

  2. @ Targuman – Whoever is doing the English translation of “Macanudo” is doing a superb job. I never knew that Liniers was Argentinian until I looked him up after reading your comment. However, that explains why the final dialog balloon wasn’t made as a single line: it’s quite possible that the ancient “snot” canard wasn’t intentional at all.

    P.S. Just for comparison, here’s another take on the origin of wind:

  3. Macanudo, the last 2 speech bubble in the Spanish edition:

    (¿Quién sabe cuál de los dos puede tener razón?) (Yo)

    (Who knows which of the two may be right?) (Me)

  4. The free Spanish Menudo strips on Comics Kingdom do not go back as far as the English ones. Today, you have to have a subscription to see November 18th, 2022 in Spanish.

    I’m hoping this will not create a link. note the double-slash in the middle:


  5. I like the catapult / rockapult joke!

    Back when CT Imaging was new, and was called CAT Scan, there was an unfortunate fad for a while of people posing cats on a xerox copier or flatbed scanner and running an image — which would then be posted as a “cat scan”.

  6. I’m a literalist and people find me obnoxious but that’s just the way I am.

    “Can you tell me how to get to Main Street?” “Yes.”
    “WILL you tell me?” “No.”

    Sometimes literalism gets me in trouble, like when I saw the sign on the men’s room door:
    “Men’s Room out of order. Please use floor below.”

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