1. I remember being out golfing once, and saw a storm brewing up. I was just about to hit a tee shot (the tee area was surrounded by trees) when I saw a flash, I started counting: One th-BOOM! OK – 5 seconds is a mile, so 1/2 second is…500 feet? And I’m in the woods about to hold a metal shaft above my head?

    We headed back to the clubhouse. The other teams at other places on the course chided us for being scaredy-cats. But they were all a couple of hundred yards in the other direction.

  2. t’s an ironic situation. You’re made to feel unsafe in your own home during a lightning storm, so let’s go out and play under a tree, which of course is most dangerous during a lightning storm. What’s not to get? It’s hardly CIDU.

  3. Our modem was destroyed by lightning over Labor Day weekend. And I’m sitting on my computer, surrounded by other computers and electrical things, right next to floor-to-ceiling sliders, in the most lightning-prone state in the nation, whenever there’s a storm and I can’t sit outside. Maybe not the smartest thing to be doing.

    But we DO know enough to get outta da pool when it starts to thunder; Hubby has an app that sends him an alarm any time there’s a lightning strike within ten miles of us. Which includes Clearwater Beach, which seems to be a target for lightning strikes, including deaths, of folks standing on the beach.

  4. Decades and decades ago when I was still in school (as a time reference) there was a bad summer storm. Mom had the kitchen (back) door open and also the front door “for air”.

    The front door was downstairs in an entryway by itself a short flight of stairs from the main floor. The kitchen was opposite the top of those stairs. A bolt of lightening came in the front door and went out the back door (which is not a a direct line – it had to go up over the stairs and then make a turn to get out the back door). Had I not been standing in the kitchen with mom and sister and seen it – I would never believe it. No one hurt, no fire. Amazing.

  5. Meryl, that’s amazing. I’ve read that lightning has been known to travel horizontally at least 10 miles.

  6. If those two are “typical”, then I think I much prefer the more “atypical” ones that have shown upnhere at CIDU. They haven’t always been “funny”, but they weren’t as inscrutably ugly as those two.

  7. Kilby I would depart from your description (of these latter examples) in that I see one as inscrutable ugly and one as beautiful but inscrutable.

  8. @ Mitch – Even if there is a purpose to them, I don’t see it, and quite frankly, I don’t have any interest in learning about either one. The first one of the two is supremely ugly, but that may have been on purpose. The second one is cluttered, and could only be loved by a relative of the girl pictured. The rest of that one reminds me of the intensely ugly “artwork” that one of my uncles created out of garbage in the late 60s and early 70s. (He later grew out of that phase, and even produced a few pictures that are pretty, one of which I have.)

    Many of the other “Frog Applause” panels that have appeared at CIDU have been weird (for example “Blue Cow / Pez Duck”), but none of them have seemed to purposely revolt the reader like these two seem to do (to me, at least).

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