1. My initial thought upon seeing her drawing in the first panel was that this strip was going to be dated August 6th.

    P.S. I thought that the fancy “fade” effects were reserved for Sunday strips. If the colorist went to all that work for one of Johnson’s dailies, it seems to me that Janis’s work should have received the same amount of effort..

  2. dvandom says: “Of course, the next day she’s back to hating her own art.”

    I took that for a general commentary, guessing about her attitude. But no! He meant that based on the next strips in the series:

  3. That last one puzzles me a little – but maybe it’s a comment that she can’t draw the way she “sees” things. The reverse of looking at a real cat and drawing something as sketchy as Ludwig…

  4. And then there’s the complication that (most of) what we see in the strip is rendered in cartoon art, not realistic drawing or photography. So it may be that if we could glimpse Ludwig in realistic drawing or a photo, he would look exactly as Janis’s drawing shows him; and she is then much better than she gives herself credit for.

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